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Academic Coach

$ 100k/Year  ($ 50/Hour for 40 hours of productive work per week)  Remote Position   Long-term

Are you an innovator? Do you like being an educator? Are you one who wants to inspire kids? Do you believe that the traditional education model needs to be revamped? - Then this role is for you

An academic coach at Emergent is not a traditional teaching role; it is not a teaching role at all; instead, it is the opportunity to lead kids in a genuinely Socratic setting using amazing technology. If motivating kids is your passion, you want to impact them through the usage of new educational models and techniques, and you believe that the traditional education model needs to improve, then this is a perfect opportunity to be part of a transformational educational model in the Country.

“Emergent is great for a lot of reasons, but one of the reasons why Emergent is fantastic is because it is the school in the United States of America that is truly inspiring the next generations.”
-Mike, Emergent Academy
, we have  full time partners from your country,   Let’s make it !

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Why Crossover?
The Internet is revolutionizing education and how we learn and gain knowledge. Traditional school models are being redesigned as students no longer require a commonplace classroom to obtain knowledge and demonstrate skill mastery. Emergent Academy prepares students to think deeply, to learn how to fail, and to problem solve. We are excited to help prepare students for the ultra-competitive workplace that is evolving at lightning speed. We use adaptive technology to teach core skills faster and more efficiently, allowing us ample time to teach and develop life skills. Because we are more efficient, Emergent Academy students do not have homework. Emergent Academy feels like a start-up, emulating the spaces where the most revolutionary ideas in learning and student progress evolve. This formula creates an environment where students love school so much; they’d rather come to school than go on vacation – literally. Crossover is partnering with Emergent Academy to fill this position. Crossover specializes in finding and managing talent in today’s global workforce and will help you through the recruiting process.

As the  academic coach is a hands-on role, every day  you will be leading a multi-age group of elementary, middle or high school children.

You will work with students using adaptive technology to learn core skills, such as math, reading, writing, and science. This will be happening during the first half of day. During the second half of the day you will work with children to set educational and life skills goals.  An important part of your responsibility as academic coach will be the monitoring of the progress and motivate students through their daily and weekly progression.

You are a  pivotal to motivating, assisting, and collaborating with students as they work through Emergent Academy’s revolutionary scholarly and life-skill model.

You will help students to develop confidence, so that, each child will be able to seek answers to their questions. They will learn at twice speed of a traditional education model.  Their afternoons will be spent practicing other skills, as well as getting coaching. For example, you might listen to kids practice a TED Talk and give feedback or brainstorm with a student who is developing code.

This is also an opportunity to make an immediate impact at all levels of the curriculum development. In this role you will be developing academic resources, running workshops related to learning applications. Moreover, this will work in partnership with other academic coaches, parents and Emergent leadership.


Emergent Academy is redefining the way kids go to school. Change starts with our three promises to parents:

  • Emergent Academy students learn two to three times faster than students in a traditional school

  • Emergent Academy kids learn the life skills (public speaking, goal setting, leadership, grit, entrepreneurship, and purpose) that are necessary to be successful

  • Emergent Academy students love school


Work with kids each day to set academic and life skills goals

Monitor progress and motivate kids through their goals

Develop kids self-agency

Listen, provide feedback, and brainstorm with kids

Develop academic resources and run workshops

Partnering with other academic coaches, parents and the Emergent leadership team


Love to work with kids

Bachelor degree or higher from a top USA University

Ability to communicate effectively to different levels of students and with parents

Problem-solving skills

Adaptability skills

A belief that the traditional education model needs to be revamped

Excellent English, written and oral communication, and presentation skills

This is not a remote position and it is based in Austin, TX


You will be working side to side with a group of innovators in the educational arena, you will learn about the actual student's requirements that surprise the conventional classroom to obtain knowledge.

You will acquire mastery in the use of adaptive technology to teach core skills faster and more efficiently,  and the extra time you will have because of the use these new technologies will enrich you with experiences from your students through the diversity of the life skills workshops.

You will learn about transforming the educational system in an environment like a start-up, that emulates the spaces where the most revolutionary ideas in learning and student progress evolve.

Relevant files and links
External resources
Can Adaptive Courseware Technology Positively Impact Student Learning Outcomes?
Interesting research related to impact of adaptive software used in teaching Math

and Answers

  • Who are my students?

    Emergent students are 6 to 14 years old. They are determined, hardworking, self-aware children with a strong sense of integrity and a good dose of humor. They are results oriented and push themselves to achieve, especially when faced with challenges. Children who embody these qualities typically thrive at Emergent Academy.
    The Emergent Academy is a family-focused school. We offer an academic program for students and their families that want to be part of a new model of education, one that champions a learner-centered approach supported by technology. Our most successful students have parents that are not afraid of putting their children in challenging situations and can readily accept both success and failure, as an acceptable outcome for their child’s learning journey. The Emergent Academy believes a student can learn as much (if not more) from struggle, as they can from success.

  • As the position is based in Austin, Tx, Does Emergent Academy provides any assistance for relocation?

    No, Emergent Academy doesn’t provide any assistance for relocation.

  • How long is the School year and what are the School hours?

    The school year runs September through late June.
    Our school day runs from 8:45 a.m. until 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. We allow families to drop off their child at 8:00 a.m. before the school day begins, therefore your journey starts at 8:00 and run last 17.00.
    We are expecting your journey to be at least 40hrs per week, so while you are not in front of your students we expect you to support administrative tasks, like development of new materials or contribute for curricula development among others Emergent tasks.

  • What is a typical day at Emergent Academy?

    Learning days are follow a consistent and structured format centered around Core Skills time and workshop/skills-based learning. The day starts promptly at 8 a.m. by receiving students, at 9:00 during Morning Launch, is when students and Academic Coaches connect and discuss important matters of the day. Then students create their learning and project goals for the day, which are then approved by you. Accomplishing these goals and working on Core Skills are the focus of the morning hours until lunch. Afternoons are spent in workshop and skills-based learning groups. Students wrap up the day as a group by reflecting on the status of the goals set at the beginning of the day, creating a plan of action for the future, and giving shout-outs to fellow classmates for their successes. Once students leave campus, you will join the Emergent team to help in creation of new material or improve curricula contents.