Academic Coach

Is motivating kids is your passion? Do you want to impact through new educational models and technologies? Learn more about our Academic Coach role.

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Academic Coach

100K /YEAR  •  $50 /HR  •  40HR /Week
Location: Austin, TX

An academic coach at Emergent is not a traditional teaching role; it is not a teaching role at all; rather, it is the opportunity to lead kids in a truly Socratic setting using extraordinary technology.  If motivating kids is your passion, you want to impact them through the usage of new educational models and technologies, and you believe that the traditional education model needs to be revamped - this role is for you.


Academic Coach
$100K/Year  • Austin, TX

An academic coach is a hands-on role leading a multi-age group of elementary, middle or high school children. Academic coaches work with students using adaptive technology to learn core skills, such as math, reading, writing, and science. The academic coach is pivotal to motivating, assisting and collaborating with students as they work through Emergent Academy’s revolutionary scholarly and life-skill model.

The Emergent Academic Coach will work with children every day to set educational and life skills goals. It is the responsibility of the academic coach to monitor progress and motivate students through their daily and weekly progress.

Academic coaches help students to develop confidence, so that, each child will be able to seek answers to their questions. They will learn at twice speed of a traditional education model. Their afternoons will be spent practicing other skills, as well as getting coaching. For example, the Academic Coach might listen to kids practice a TED Talk and give feedback or brainstorm with a student who is developing code.

This is also an opportunity to make an immediate impact at all levels of the curriculum development. In this role you will be developing academic resources, running workshops related to learning applications. Moreover, this will work in partnership with other academic coaches, parents and Emergent leadership.

$100K/yr  • Austin, TX


Emergent Academy

Emergent Academy is redefining the way kids go to school. Change starts with our three promises to parents:

  1. Emergent Academy Students learn two to three times faster than students in a traditional school

  2. Emergent Academy kids learn the life skills (public speaking, goal setting, leadership, grit, entrepreneurship and purpose) that are necessary to be successful

  3. Emergent Academy Students love school


A hiring event is a scheduled online event where all our relevant testing relating to a role is conducted on the same day. Submissions received during the event are graded the following week, and successful candidates notified if they have progressed to the next round which is an online interview with a Hiring Manager.



• Work with kids each day to set academic and life skills goals

• Monitor progress and motivate kids through their goals

• Develop kids self-agency

• Listen, provide feedback and brainstorm with kids

• Develop academic resources and run workshops

• Partnering with other academic coaches, parents and the Emergent leadership team

• Love to work with kids

• Bachelor degree or higher from a top USA University

• Ability to communicate effectively to different levels of students and with parents

• Problem-solving skills

• Adaptability skills

• A belief that the traditional education model needs to be revamped

• Excellent English written and oral communication and presentation skills

• This is not a remote position and it is based in Austin, TX

The Internet is revolutionizing education and how we learn and gain knowledge. Traditional school models are being redesigned as students no longer require a commonplace classroom to obtain knowledge and demonstrate skill mastery.

Emergent Academy prepares students to think deeply, to learn how to fail, and to problem solve. We are excited to help prepare students for the ultra-competitive workplace that is evolving at lightning speed. We use adaptive technology to teach core skills faster and more efficiently, allowing us ample time to teach and develop life skills. Because we are more efficient, Emergent Academy students do not have homework.

Emergent Academy feels like a start-up, emulating the spaces where the most revolutionary ideas in learning and student progress evolve. This formula creates an environment where students love school so much, they’d rather come to school than go on vacation – literally.

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