Brand Ambassador

Are you a natural born connector who loves discovering new talent? Learn more about our Brand Ambassador role.

Brand Ambassador

$ 20k/Year  ($ 10/Hour for 40 hours of productive work per week)  Remote Position   Long-term

We are seeking a natural born connector who loves discovering new talent. The ideal candidate will have a propensity for finding top talent in their local community. If you are driven to help people find careers with the most innovative and exciting global software company in the world, then this role is for you.

Crossover recruits and builds world class high performing teams to power the fastest growing portfolio of software products in the world. No other company provides the training and the opportunities to test yourself on the depth and diversity of projects that we do. All roles are location independent so you are guaranteed to work with the best in the world. Challenge yourself. Be part of the change.

We are looking for ambitious local recruiters to represent our company as brand ambassadors. She/he needs to possess top communications skills and be ready to launch their career to the next level.

Brand ambassadors perform in a fast-paced work environment and are required to interact with top candidates being offered the opportunity to work in a 100% remote work environment.

Brand ambassadors play a key role searching for top talent around the world, driving local hiring events and following up high-value prospect to join our organization.

You will become the voice of our remote work and high metric-driven organization culture, which is always looking for improvement by setting aggressive goals in a very fast paced environment.


For success, you need to effectively communicate with others. This is especially true of top recruiters.

As a local recruiter/brand ambassador you will:

Identify top quality IT professionals within your country and lead them to apply for various positions within our organization

Gather potential candidates by using popular software development centric social networks including StackOverflow, Github, local job boards and local sites

Make cold calls based on target lists approved by your local city general manager

Run and measure the performance of multiple email campaigns

Run and measure the performance of multiple ad campaigns on Facebook, Google Adwords, Twitter and Linkedin

Attend local Crossover events to become a resource for candidates & current contractors

Assist city general managers in managing and scheduling their daily agenda

Execute local marketing campaigns, i.e. go to industry events and engage prospective applicants through creative marketing

Pitch the benefits of remote work and organizational culture

To handle the requirements of this position, you must have a reliable internet connection, ability to travel within your country and have access to a webcam


3+ years of IT recruitment experience

2+ years of LinkedIn recruiting experience

Enjoy personal communication and get personal satisfaction from helping others to find the right position with our organization

Great communication skills, able to write and speak English clearly and effectively

Excellent communicator in the local language

A goal-oriented approach that will lead to high volumes of qualified candidates applying for our positions

Quick learner. You need to quickly gain a familiarity with the requirements of the positions we are trying to fill, and convey that understanding to the candidate

Drive, charisma, and charm

Adaptability skills

Comfortable using Skype, Google Docs, Google Drive, and similar cloud-based tools for work productivity and communication

Connections in the IT industry will be considered a plus


As a Brand Ambassador, you will learn to identify top candidates that are able to perform in a fast-paced company, where challenges in skills required to move as fast as the company moves.

You will learn how to set and achieve aggressive metrics in candidate enrollment.

We provide a unique place for you to demonstrate your ability to connect with the right people and communicate our innovative business model to the top talent in the country.


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and Answers

  • What does a typical day look like for the Brand Ambassador?

    As a Brand Ambassador for our organization, you will be using target lists approved by your City General Manager to make cold calls to high potential candidates to cover more than 60 different roles within technical, operations, marketing, sales, and finance among others. In addition, you will be executing local marketing campaigns pitching the benefits of our innovative business model. You will be a key player within the team to measure the performance of our multiple campaigns from multi-channels like email, LinkedIn, Google Adwords, Twitter, and Facebook. You will be working closely with different job boards in your Country as well with popular development centric social networks like StackOverflow and Github to gather potential candidates and build our target lists.

  • Can you give some example metrics for the job of Brand Ambassador?

    You will be challenged to bring to our organization top talent for more than 60 different roles. We will measure your success by having at least 100 new candidates enrolled in our hiring process during each year. This number will be split into weekly aggressive targets.

  • Who does the brand ambassador report to directly?

    This position reports directly to the City General Manager of the country.

  • What kind of roles are the ones that your organization are looking for?

    As Brand Ambassador in our organization you will be responsible for gathering top talent for 60 different available roles. Examples of the roles are technical programmers, customer support, software architects, software developer managers, SaaSOps, product technical managers, inside sales, sales development representatives, channel sales and marketing at different levels from IC’s to SVP.

  • Is this a remote position as well?

    Our company has a remote culture around the globe, but this particular job function involves executing own and third-party local marketing activities and events. We require you to live in the same city where our offices are located. You will also work remotely, but your physical presence for event coordination and execution requires you to be in the city where activity is being executed.