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Are you a senior "rockstar" technical product manager passionate about making big, important decisions? 

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Senior Technical Product Manager
$200,000 USD Per Year



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Consider yourself among the top 1% of Technical Program Managers in the world? Eager to work on new, challenging projects and technologies?

Interested in joining a network of the world's most talented professionals while earning $200,000 USD per year and working wherever you choose?

If you said yes, this role is for you.

Software products ultimately ‘win’ or ‘lose’ based on wisdom, simplicity, and technical insight.

Successful products are built when a clear understanding of the core value proposition is reflected into the core technical design. This is done by making a series of important technology decisions. These decisions determine whether the product delivers unique value to customers and can change the code/time required to implement by 10X.

Technical Product Managers must learn and know when to use a wide array of existing third-party technologies. They must know when and how to design new data structures and algorithms. They must have the experience to understand the fatal impact poor design decisions can have and know how to avoid them.

It's hard work but has enormous impact. When done correctly it creates huge customer value, a differentiated product from competitors, clarity for the engineering team, and more.

Unfortunately, most companies are terrible at this. They don’t do the hard work upfront and code too early. They don’t invest in developing expertise and innovating. Instead, they build roadmaps based on what competitors are delivering. TPMs focus on UIs and mockups instead of unique and valuable core data structures and algorithms.

Does this resonate with you? Do you have experience making the fundamental architecture decisions of software products? We encourage you to apply. You may have been a CTO or Technical Co-Founder of a company. You may have been responsible for the fundamental design decisions and technical choices for a larger scale organization.

If you see the world in the same way - and want to learn more in a year than most will in a decade -  we urge you to apply.

To learn more about the position, grab a coffee and listen to Samy Aboel-Nil, Head of Technical Product Management at DevFactory, about his vision for the role.

High Expectations.

Senior Technical Product Managers make the most impactful technical decisions for software companies.

As a Senior TPM you will be responsible for identifying the core functionality of a product and creating a very thoughtful design. This requires an understanding of the product’s core value proposition with our understanding of the way that software systems are built. You need to learn new technologies and describe when they should be used. You will be expected to create simple designs that focus on making and explaining the most Important technical decisions while leaving out low-impact details.

For example, even some of the most common technical decisions such as “which database to use” are often done without enough upfront consideration. When, why and how should we use a relational DB, versus noSQL, versus a key/value store, an in-memory DB, or another choice? When and in what way should we use micro-services?  What about the many available options and configurations of Machine Learning tools?  How will we deliberately design the best APIs?

Those are the more straightforward decisions. Decisions with greater impact include what the core data structures of the application will be and how to best apply existing or new CS algorithms to a given problem space.

Key Responsibilities

  • Identify the most important technical decisions that must be made given the strategy and goals for a product

  • Build technical expertise (not industry domain expertise) in order to understand the best available options for a product design

  • Select the best available existing technology and stipulate the design constraints that will accompany it

  • Innovate the design of new data structures and algorithms where needed

  • Communicate these decisions, and the reasons for them, in a clear written document (tech spec)

Candidate Requirements

  • BS in CompSci, CompE, or EE

  • 5+ years of hands-on production code development in Java or C#

  • 3+ years experience making the core technical design decisions that were then implemented by others

  • Excellent written communication skills including architecture diagrams, data flows, and system component diagrams

  • Strong ability to separate the strategic decisions from the tactical ones

  • A passion for creating work in a process-driven way and working with team members to continuously improve that process

Who Is Crossover?

Crossover connects the world's top talent with the world's best companies. We're re-inventing how people find long-term, challenging work, and how companies leverage the best talent in the world. We assemble teams of rockstars and provide playbooks and a platform, WorkSmart, to help teams and individuals continuously improve how they work.

We're creating a future where all high-skill jobs are in the cloud and big data helps people and teams be more productive. A future where brick and mortar offices are history. We believe the future of the workforce is global and will be built from teams collaborating from every corner of the world.

Crossover has more than 2,500 partners in 108 countries. Unlike freelancer or outsourced marketplaces, Crossover only offers long-term, multi-year projects or programs.

Hear more about our strategy and vision from our CEO, Andy Tryba: 


The Remote Life @ Crossover.

A key benefit of Crossover - and the cloud - is all our roles are location independent. Live and work anywhere: work from home, a coffee shop or at one of the many co-working spaces Crossover partners can access and collaborate.

 Work from a home office or co-work at the many co-working spaces available to partners around the world

Work from a home office or co-work at the many co-working spaces available to partners around the world

We believe in equipping people to work where they can be the most productive and happy, with a commitment of 40 hours a week.

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Step 1: Online Application

Start your application by hitting the Apply Now button, then uploading your resume and confirming your email address. From there, the Crossover platform will guide you through the remaining steps.


Step 2: Take the Fundamentals Test

This is a multiple-choice test to check for baseline skills needed for the role. The test typically takes applicants 20 to 30 minutes to complete. You will receive your score via email within an hour. Passers will receive an email invitation to the next step in the application process.

Step 3: Implement the Tech Trial Project

In this step, we give you a specific technical scenario that will be similar to something you may encounter in the role. Though the scenarios are not real work products, we will be able to see which candidates are truly the top 1% and have put in the effort to stand out amongst their peers. You will also be asked to make a technical presentation to demonstrate your communication skills. This step is an opportunity to preview the type of work you would be doing in the role and demonstrate your technical skills and abilities to hiring managers; it typically takes candidates 8 to 10 hours.

All applications are evaluated by full-time Crossover software architects. If you pass, your profile will be highlighted to our hiring managers. Regardless of your score, you'll receive an extensive report after the test to help you identify areas for improvement.

Step 4: Join the Interview

This is the final step of the technical evaluation. One of our architects from the evaluation team will speak with you via Skype to understand if you're the best fit for the position. In addition to technical and business questions about your current and previous roles and achievements, you will be asked about the decisions you made for your tech trial deliverable and presentation

Step 5: Meet the customer hiring manager and get hired

After you've passed the assessments, you will be introduced to several potential hiring managers. This is intended to be a two-way discussion where you can ask questions about the team, product, metrics, etc. The hiring manager will be looking to evaluate you for fit within the company and team. You can interview with as many hiring managers as desired and make the decision on which company or team best fits your interests and career goals.