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Location: Netherlands   |   Role: Customer Success Trainer, Aurea

For Danny E., working for Crossover has been “truly life-changing.” Because of his work at Crossover, he was able to pay for his mother’s cancer treatment. She was declared cancer-free in September! He has been able to pay off student loans and is almost debt free. And he and his new wife were able to move to the United States, which was a dream come true.
We caught up with Danny to hear more about how his personal and professional life has changed so dramatically over the past year while working for Crossover.



Tell us a little more about what you were looking for when you decided to join Crossover

In 2013 I moved to another country for work that turned out to be an incredible letdown. I was now in a country where the native language was different from my own, I had no family and friends had to be made from scratch. I was barely able to pay the bills. I was $35k in debt from studies that went underutilized in my job. I did finally find another job as a Sales & Support Trainer, but it was severely lacking challenge and difficulty, and I felt like I had a very little impact on what was going on in the business.

I also had a girlfriend of almost 8 years who went to study and work in the United States. I was unable to afford the flight tickets to visit her except for once and very rarely twice per year, usually around Christmas and New Year, which is a few days before our anniversary.

I was trying to create challenge and complexity in my previous job by introducing programs and analyzing business processes and performance. I was burning out, however, due to being buried in bureaucracy and inability to execute any of the plans I suggested. I took a week off and found an opening for Customer Success Trainer through CrossOver. Despite being burned out, the moment I read the job description and realized the benefits of remote work, I found creativity and developed exciting material for my interview. I got the job, and this meant that everything I had endured suddenly became worth it.



Has your compensation at Crossover impacted your lifestyle in any meaningful way?

Absolutely.  I am now able to afford any bill, including those for my mother who has been fighting cancer since May, and has been declared cancer-free in September. I am very happy in life, and I find extremely exciting challenge and complexity in my everyday work. I am traveling the world, and I am surrounded by different languages, so I am no longer alone. I am not quite debt free yet, but I expect to be debt free next year. And to top it all off, I married my girlfriend (now wife) in July, and I am writing this from the United States in a house where we live together.

Without Crossover, this would never, ever have been possible. Truly life changing. I am super grateful and happy, and I am looking forward to what the future holds for us.

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