3337 - Java Chief Software Architect

Do you want to architect, develop and deploy multi-million dollar software products? Learn more about our Java Chief Software Architect role.

Java Chief Software Architect

$ 100/Year  ($ 50/Hour for 40 hours of productive work per week)  Remote Position   Long-term

Want to learn how to guide a talented pool of architects to come up with new ideas to continuously improve our cloud-based SaaS systems and solve business problems?

Are you inspired to drive up the code quality for our 100+ products portfolio? Interested in utilizing your years of Java Chief Architect to help solving anti-patterns and increase our customers’ experience?

If you can adapt to our roles and can learn new ideas and concepts to solve business problems, then this role may be for you.

“I've grown professionally more than expected since I joined Crossover. I started as an Architect, then was promoted to Chief Architect and after a year became SEM. It all went so fast! I escalated the ladder and got the opportunity to face challenges I never imagined before.”
-Carlos R, Chief Architect
Crossover recruits and builds world class high performing teams to power the fastest growing portfolio of software products in the world. No other company provides the training and the opportunities to test yourself on the depth and diversity of projects that we do. All roles are location independent so you are guaranteed to work with the best in the world. Challenge yourself. Be part of the change.

Our factory is designed to deliver great quality at high pace. In every team that you work in you will be expected to deliver work to a high level of quality.

Your work  quality is measured through the First Time Acceptance Rate, which means passing the code review quality bar set by your leadership team.

As the Java Chief Software Architect ($100K/year), you will conduct tech reviews, write unit tests and guide a talented pool of architects to come up with new ideas to continuously solve business problems.

This leadership position demands proficiency of hands-on professionals with a robust Cloud development background and who are comfortable with aggressive weekly targets.


  • Developing expertise in one or more of our proprietary enterprise software products.

  • Leverage your broad technology capabilities to set and maintain a level of various technologies to architect and deliver quality products.

  • Only the best and most disciplined in their work are expected to succeed.

  • If you are open to learning new skills, making decisions based on metrics, challenging yourself on a variety of products, and improving your productivity on an ongoing basis, then this role is for you.


A hiring event is a scheduled online event where all our relevant testing relating to a role is conducted on the same day. Submissions received during the event are graded the following week, and successful candidates notified if they have progressed to the next round which is an online interview with a Hiring Manager.


Achieving an expert level understanding of our customers’ environments and their use of our products

Architecting and leading technical delivery of one or more products and match the needs of the target customer base

Creating solutions architecture, algorithms, and designs for solutions that scale to the customer's enterprise/global requirements

Mentor Java architects and engineers to deliver high quality of code

Deliver a consistent high-quality product which has a high “First Time Acceptance Rate” from the engineering leadership.

Comply with Chief Architecture process playbooks

Working a standard 40-hr week and mostly Monday to Friday

Keep up to date with latest software engineering trends


Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering

8+ years of experience in hands-on development in Java architecture and programming

1+ years experience working in an environment where CI/ CD tools are used

2+ years experience in writing unit tests using Junit

1+ years experience using cloud technologies

2+ years experience with spring or equivalent enterprise framework

Proven experience with performing code reviews and/or mentoring sessions (has dedicated a minimum of 25% of monthly time on this activity)

6+ months experience using Jira and Github

Ability to self-study and learn new technologies

Has worked with back-end technologies based and latest development frameworks.

Has experience working with two or more of data related technologies and familiarity with others from various; Relational databases, NoSQL databases, Caching systems, Full-Text Search engines, Big Data systems.

Has experience with one or more cloud or devops services like AWS, Docker, Heroku, Digitalocean, etc

Has experience with one or more front-end technologies including templating, CSS and JS frameworks

Experience in architectural framework design

Good proficiency in the English language..

Nice to have:
  • A true “roll up the sleeves and get it done” working approach.
  • Demonstrated success as a problem solver, result-oriented, self-starter.
  • Comfortable “working virtually” with teammates and customers around the world - we do a lot of Skype and video conferencing.

  • How to have an obsessive focus on improving the quality of your work and the quality of products through the use of First Time Acceptance Rate

  • How to operate in our metrics-driven culture, which is the foundation of our success in measuring and improving every engineering process and product we deliver

  • Through the use of WorkSmart Pro, learn  how to improve your efficiency during your standard working day

  • Become a specialist in some of the parts of our software factory model, such as the development of automated unit test or bug fixes

  • Master your software architect  skills by interacting with the top 1% global technical talent


Work Examples

Every job creates excellent work. We want to show you the types of things you will learn, using real work examples of the processes, training examples, playbooks, projects you will build on the job.

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Feature Project Delivery Framework

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Here is a link to a Chief Architect discussion group, where you can post and discuss chief-related topics, share and read useful articles and get access to the lastest news.


and Answers

  • How can a Java Chief Architect get promoted to new roles?

    To move across roles you need to apply through our crossover portal. From a Java Chief Architect, you may apply for a Java Software Engineering Manager role. You should also be ensuring that your manager is always knowledgeable about any active applications you may have.

  • As a Java Chief Architect, what are the opportunities to learn and work with new technologies?

    The learning responsibilities belong to you. However, we can provide support and adequate content to help you. To be able to work with new technologies, you will need to re-apply and take the specific tests on the desired technology stream.

  • What are the key things I need to do to ensure I am successful as a Java Chief Architect?

    Besides the apparent technical knowledge required to do the role, and keeping yourself up to date with the latest technology updates, you should also have a comfortable and quiet environment to work from. You should set a good calendar for your week which is repeatable and which allows you to dedicate long blocks of time towards your work with Crossover.

  • How do you measure the productivity of a Java team?

    We do not measure the productivity by technology. Every team has a metric which they deliver against; by default, every person within the team is measured by the same metric on a weekly basis. For example, the metric for our maintenance team is “number of bugs fixed.” The cost per unit of the maintenance team on a weekly basis is the total headcount cost of the team for a week divided by the number of bugs fixed during the same week.

  • I heard you have a tracking tool to monitor your teams, why do you use it?

    One of the key objectives of our productivity tracker is for it to be used by our Crossover partners to log time and eventually get paid. We also log information about our Crossover partners to understand what tools and applications they are using. This helps us to build work patterns of our people and identify best practices which we can share with all our teams. As an engineer, we expect that you would be spending at least 80% of your time in your relevant IDE with the remaining 20% spent on email, meetings and reviewing documents.