Senior Director Of Engineering, TelcoDR (Jakarta) - $320,000/year USD

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You lead a software engineering organization, managing an obsolete tech stack and sharing ownership of a legacy product with three other teams. You are constantly overwhelmed by meetings and admin tasks, and you are so far away from the code that you don’t even remember how to open an IDE. If that sounds like you, it’s time for a revolution.

TelcoDR builds telco software for the public cloud and is creating a revolution by changing how telco companies consume software and store data. We are building a Cloud Charging Engine that runs 5x faster than the competition, and we need expert engineers to ramp up its capacity until it can handle the entire world’s charging needs.

This hands-on role will give you ownership over technical decisions for our software. Starting from carefully architected specifications, you will dig deep in the code and use your experience to lead a team of engineers into developing the world’s first pure cloud, webscale BSS that leverages TM Forum’s Open APIs. Enabled by our efficient development model and automated management overhead, you deliver 4x faster while working 40h a week from your home office.

If you dream of overhauling an industry and would like to be at the forefront of cloud technologies, help us change the telco game!

What you will be doing
  • Making technical decisions. You will lead the team in the right direction on the most complex challenges and newest technologies, making decisions that have a company-level impact.
  • Improving the development model. You will design systems to simplify the development process and guide engineers to consistently deliver with high quality.
  • Getting hands-on with the product. By tackling architecture and coding challenges, you will draw technical insights on how to improve products and solve business issues.
What you will NOT be doing
  • Wasting your time in meetings, committees, and administrative tasks. We have automated management overhead so you can focus on creating business value through hands-on work.
  • High-level strategies without implementation guidelines. Your recommendations must be based on product-level insights.
Key Responsibilities

Create a fully-functional, scalable software development model capable of delivering products that will revolutionize the telco industry.

Candidate Requirements
  • 5+ years of experience with coding or architectural design.
  • 5+ years of leadership experience developing enterprise software products at scale.
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$320k/year ($160/hour)



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40 hours/week any timezone

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