Coach, Alpha - an EDU Startup (Hanoi) - $150,000/year USD

Job ID: 4844

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an in-person role located in Austin, Texas.

If you have experience building and leading world-class teams and want to apply your winning mindset to a new kind of school, Alpha is the place for you.

You won’t find stuffy lectures or rigid lesson plans at Alpha. Instead, we’ve built a place where kids can learn at the right speed for them rather than waiting for their peers to catch up.

In place of traditional educational tools, Alpha offers students adaptive apps and highly effective motivational strategies. Our apps are designed by education experts and rooted in scientifically proven learning principles like mastery and spaced repetition.

Instead of traditional teachers, Alpha employs Guides: entertaining, energetic speakers who motivate, inspire, and encourage students to achieve challenging academic goals while actually enjoying their time at school. Thanks to this unique approach to education, Alpha students learn twice as much as they would in a “regular” school — discovering their strengths, fostering their interests, and picking up valuable life skills along the way.

Alpha is looking for an expert mentor to coach and develop our team of Guides. In this role, you’ll shape how Alpha Guides connect with students. Consider applying if…

  1. You’re a natural leader who can balance empathy with logic, objectivity, and firmness
  2. You believe that students are limitless but can also sometimes be dishonest, not try their hardest, or make excuses
  3. You would be the best Guide if we hired you at that level, but you'd rather coach Guides and hold them to a high standard

If you know what it means to build the best K-12 program in the US, then join Alpha to help us revolutionize education!

What you will be doing
  • Coaching your team of Guides. By regularly providing personal, actionable feedback to your team of Alpha Guides, you’ll improve their daily performance and in turn, amplify student enjoyment and achievement.
  • Creating Guide Playbooks that detail best practices for virtual facilitation, instructions on how to design more rewarding learning activities, and what to do when challenges arise.
What you will NOT be doing
  • Teaching students directly: Instead, you’ll lead a team of Guides in keeping their students engaged and motivated. You’ll also help your Guides navigate any challenges that come up.
  • Writing lesson plans: Think bigger. While your Guides shepherd their students’ day-to-day learning through the use of self-guided, adaptive learning apps, you’ll be training Guides to be better facilitators, showing them how to create enrichment activities, and helping them bring more enthusiasm and impact to their live sessions.
  • Interacting with parents: You won’t have to worry about parents breathing down your neck and putting everything you do under a microscope. We have someone else taking care of that for you.
  • Lowering standards for any reason: If our standard is 100% to pass, and a Guide wants to pass a student with 99%, you have to uphold that standard. If a 6th grader wants to take a college course, you will have to know how to make that happen.
Candidate Requirements
  • A Masters degree in any subject
  • Experience successfully building & coaching a team to elite-level performance
  • At least 3 years of experience using data to drive decision-making in a professional setting
  • Legal right to work in the US without visa sponsorship
  • Willingness to relocate to Austin, TX
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$150k/year ($75/hour)


Austin, United States

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40 hours/week

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Long-term role