Data Analyst, Trilogy (Pretoria) - $60,000/year USD

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Are you looking for an entry-level role in the software industry that will give you the skills and exposure to move into any speciality later? We’re looking for curious individuals who love searching for meaningful answers. 

In this role, you’ll be given a business problem and will scour the internet for possible solutions. The problems will come from every area of our business: operations, finance, hiring, engineering, and more - giving you broad exposure.

Not only will you gain knowledge, you’ll receive regular coaching and training from a team of global tech experts and operations professionals.

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What you will be doing
  • Research a variety of high-priority topics that are critical to the business
  • Evaluate results against provided evaluation criteria
What you will NOT be doing
  • Researching the same topics repeatedly
  • Working on loosely-scoped research with desired outputs not clearly defined
  • Getting lost chasing tangentially-related solutions; our systems and processes will help you focus your research and optimize your time
Key Responsibilities

Provide high-quality research data to support company-wide business decisions

Candidate Requirements
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Basic financial analysis skills
  • Ability to work in the US timezone


$60k/year ($30/hour)



full-time Job

40 hours/week any timezone

Employment Type

Long-term role

More about this role
More about this role