Product CTO, Trilogy (NCR - National Capital) - $400,000/year USD

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Every technical decision-maker has the same gripes. The architecture is outdated. Past product decisions don’t make any sense. Technical debt is mounting. Plus, the higher you rise in your organization, the less time you get to spend actually doing the technical work you love (and the more time you spend managing the people who are doing it).

Not at Trilogy.

In this Product CTO role, you’ll have carte blanche to make architectural decisions based on technical merit — not whatever decision the board decided was most cost-effective. No more working on the same product every day for years, wishing you could go back in time and backhand whoever thought it was a good idea to write custom code for something that could’ve been purchased from AWS for $20/month.

Instead, you’ll design for a diverse portfolio of products (hundreds, in fact) using the newest, most interesting cloud technologies. As a senior technical decision-maker, you’ll face a new architecture challenge each week and make important architectural decisions every day. Instead of tending to multiple stakeholders and a wishlist of features from customers, you decide the critical features for the product. Use and grow your expertise to design products for maximum performance, efficiency, and scale. 

Ready to get back to doing the technical work you love, while guiding the development for products that reach millions of customers?

What you will be doing
  • Tackling design problems and writing technical specs to create products for distinct tech stacks and business domains.
  • Uncovering “high-order bit” decisions by interviewing technical leads and analyzing data structures and code/design documents.
  • Making important design and technical decisions that specify how to rearchitect products in a cloud-first way on systems such as AWS and GCP.
What you will NOT be doing
  • Managing projects or employees — thanks to Trilogy’s highly automated processes and streamlined org structure, there’s very little time spend on this type of admin
  • Participating in daily scrum meetings, making low-level decisions, performing code reviews, or debugging
  • Talking to customers (while you’ll build products customers love, other roles in the organization will take care of these important interviews for you!)
  • Developing a backlog of wishlist features
  • Creating high-level strategies or roadmaps — instead, you’ll be making the rubber-meets-road tech decisions
Key Responsibilities
  • Tear down current products, make key technical decisions for their rebuilding, and choose new product specs that simplify architecture. In essence, you’ll define a product and its features for the next 3 to 5 years.
Candidate Requirements
  • 7+ years of experience making important architecture and design decisions on software projects, such as the application of architecture design patterns or significant open source technologies.
  • Experience making technical design decisions involving the use of cloud computing services
  • Experience making technical design decisions for complex software products or systems
  • Ability to simplify complex ideas and communicate them in writing with clear and logical thinking
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