Software Engineering Jobs in Makassar, Indonesia

Jumpstart your technical career with one of Crossover's software engineer jobs. Available in Makassar, Indonesia.

Job Description

You'll receive unparalleled mentorship, growth opportunities, career advancement and the unique change to work in multiple teams across the globe. Work with the best and brightest minds in the software industry!  

This is an exciting opportunity to tackle the most pressing problems in the industry, create innovative solutions for customers, and interact with senior executives. Software engineers that get hired through Crossover experience an amazing working environment in the teams they work in.

Perform breakthrough experiments utilizing the full power of cloud services, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to tackle high-level business challenges. Receive regular training and feedback. And join an elite class of alumni who have launched careers as entrepreneurs, leaders, and influencers.

In less than 5 hours, you can complete all the application steps and interview directly with a senior executive.
It won't be easy, but there will never be a dull moment.

Join us to jumpstart your career with the world's top technical minds!

What you will be doing

  • Exploring a new business problem every 6-8 weeks
  • Conducting research and interviewing stakeholders to understand the problem
  • Running weekly experiments – write code, review outcomes, debug, log learnings, and iterate
  • Delivering prototypes and deployments to customers

What you will NOT be doing

  • Doing repetitive tasks - no two problems are the same
  • Getting it right all the time - frequent feedback will enable you to fail fast and learn quickly
  • Working solo - work as part of a small team to tackle challenges

Key Responsibilities

Create clear, simple, technically-superior solutions to complicated problems

Candidate Requirements

  • A degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or another technical field
  • Strong coding abilities in any language
  • Proven problem-solving skills and an ability to communicate clearly
  • Quick-learner who can work independently
  • Experience designing commercially available software from scratch
  • Enthusiasm for learning and utilizing cutting-edge cloud technologies


How are these roles different from the industry standard?

Most technical roles are narrowly focused and rarely interact directly with customers and senior leaders. In our roles you will tackle a different design problem every 60 days. The assignments may make iterative progress on a larger problem or be smaller targeted design problems. You will have the opportunity to learn and work on a wide variety of products with distinct tech stacks and business domains. You will work directly with customers to solve challenges for them.

Who is successful in these roles?

The most successful people in this role are inherently creative individuals who love taking initiative and are excessively entrepreneurial. They grab opportunities and passionately build things out of pure motivation. They can translate their technical expertise into a practical problem-solving space. Additionally, they possess strong coding abilities, understand algorithms and data structures, and have tenacious problem-solving skills.

How will I develop my career?

We believe in developing leadership from within our company. 95% of our talent is sourced directly from fellowship participants, and we strive to eventually make this 100% as people from our early cohorts take on technical leadership positions. If you’re successful in your role, we want you on the team for the long haul!

What is the career path for this role?

You can start as a software development engineer, then grow into a technical architect position and further progress into a Senior Software Engineer role. Once you develop a solid technical base, there are options to move into a business/management role.

What are the core technologies I will be working with?

We use the latest commercial and open source tools to solve problems of all sizes and complexities, learning experientially. Our core technologies are:

  • Program Analysis - perform automated analyses of large codebases and develop statistics to take an opinionated stand on the quality of the code
  • Cloud - use established best practices like Service-Oriented and Event-Driven Architectures to leverage cloud and perform computing at scale
  • Machine Learning - construct algorithms that perform analysis and learn based on existing data, teaching computers to learn by themselves

How is a culture of innovation built?

We operate without a hierarchy to ensure that every voice and idea has an opportunity to shine. Both individually and as teams, we push the boundaries of what is possible. Every idea is filtered and refined through constant debates and conversations that examine the innovations through the lenses of value, business impact, and practicality. Innovations that don’t meet peer scrutiny are quickly reset. Ideas and innovations that pass peer screening receive wider sponsorship to be built into real-world prototypes and products for further development.

What you will learn

The learning never stops! In two years, you'll learn more than you would in 10 years at Google or Amazon. 

Your first three months will be spent at Trilogy University (TU), an intensive training program. TU is an incubator environment that creates the ideal conditions for accelerated learning. Here, you will become a thorough problem-solver who can identify innovative solutions to any problem you face. TU instills our culture of trust and ownership. You will develop a deep sense of camaraderie with your cohort through both hard work and fun.

After TU, you will get into project work. You'll learn new technologies, business domains, and soft skills. You'll get mentoring from senior leaders and provide your feedback in return. You'll learn from your mistakes, your peers, and your mentors. As you grow, you will advance to more senior levels of responsibility.

With all this experience, you will be able to take your career wherever you want to go!

Work examples

This is an example of the kind of problems you will solve:

A newspaper publisher wants to convert their physical paper to an e-paper. As a part of converting to an e-paper, the publisher wants to appropriately identify elements in the news segments such as headlines, content, images, articles, and advertisements and automatically translate them into a rich media format best suited for digital publishing. 

This process is currently handled by a legacy tool that uses a rule-based approach to identify specific news snippets and convert them to a digital format. However, the rules can vary from publication to publication, and it is difficult to codify all the rules. As a result, they need to supplement the automated flow with a manual review and correction process. The challenge is that this manual process is time-consuming, error-prone, and costly.

Your goal is to reduce the costs of manual correction by 70-80% by ensuring that:

  1. The news elements are detected and classified with high accuracy
  2. The process can scale to hundreds or thousands of publishers

 Salary Range

$30k/year - 200k/year


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