Group Finance Director, Trilogy (Cali) - $200,000/year USD

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Are you a finance systems expert and a seasoned auditor or controller? When you find key discrepancies while auditing statements or reviewing business performance reports, do you insist on diving into the ERP system to find the key issue? When you see a manual process that causes your finance and accounting teams to struggle, do you leverage the stock functionality of your ERP to simplify away manual work? If you answer yes to these questions, we want you.

You will be part of Trilogy’s finance function, which today runs over 100 acquired software companies and continues to grow. We don’t run each company separately. Instead, we create a standard best practice for each task and process with a single, 100% remote team. That makes this job dramatically different. You will learn more in 1 month here than in a year working anywhere else.

Most companies consider being global and 100% remote a liability and are currently suffering through a transition forced on them by the pandemic. We’re different. In the early 2000s, we recognized that going global and remote was “The Future of Work” and went all-in. It is true that moving to a global, remote environment is really hard - you need to completely replace synchronous processes with asynchronous ones, verbal communication with written, and ambiguous goals with clear task assignment and quality expectations. But once you do all that, you can unlock a 24/7, 4-shift, 4x pace of execution. 

You don’t need to be an asynchronous work expert. You simply need to be hard-working, hands-on, and have solid accounting and finance fundamentals (US GAAP or IFRS), and we will teach you the rest. Whether you stay here until you retire, or you use your newly acquired skills as a gateway to your next international job, we are interested in meeting you!

What you will be doing
  • Leading with your finance systems expertise: You will guide the team with the finance systems experience you’ve gained over the years, pointing them in the right direction to simplify the most complex tasks.
  • Spending one day per week “doing the work”: By getting your hands dirty with real tasks that your teams do each day, you will draw simplification insights to make your processes world-class.
What you will NOT be doing
  • Project managing the work of low-level managers. We lead by doing, not by being hands-off.
  • Overseeing steady-state operations. Our culture is continuous improvement. You will never stop improving quality and productivity with deep knowledge and hard evidence.
Candidate Requirements
  • Experience working in a finance or accounting role for a USD $100M+ organization
  • Experience: (i) being an auditor at a top 10 global accounting firm for at least 3 years; or (ii) being audited by a top 10 global accounting firm at least 3 times
  • Professional experience working with a large business ERP (e.g. NetSuite, SAP)
  • Availability to work any shift we assign to you (any time of the day, Monday-Friday)
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$200k/year ($100/hour)



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