Ruby on Rails Architect

Seeking Ruby on Rails Software architects for remote role who can look at code in ways it has never been looked at before.  Apply now to join rapidly expanding software company with access to the latest technology tools.

Software Architect

$ 60k USD/year  $ 30 USD/hour   40h/week   Remote Position   Long-term

Do you want to be the part of a team responsible for the architecture and technical delivery of a multi-million dollar revenue per year enterprise software product? If so, this role is for you.

Be a part of the fastest growing private equity portfolio in the world. Join our rapidly expanding partner network. Support an expanding global network of clients. A key benefit of Crossover is that all our roles are location independent. Live and work anywhere: work from home, a coffee shop or at one of the many co-working spaces Crossover partners can access and collaborate.


As a Software Architect, you will be the part of a team which is responsible to ensure that the customers are blown away by the technical differentiation and quality of the product.

We want to give you the ability to look at code in ways it has never been looked at before, to understand the interdependency in the code.

We are empowering software development and creating higher quality code by using the latest technologies and toolsets. We are excited about using data to make decisions, we are bringing big data and analysis to software development.

We are on the cutting edge of software development, and we innovate improvements on the newest technologies. We want people who are adaptable and can learn new things, and can use  new ideas and concepts to solve business problems.


  • Developing expertise in one or more of our proprietary enterprise software products.

  • Leveraging your broad technology capability set and maintain a level of excitement in using various technologies to architect, develop, and iteratively deploy real enterprise class software.


Achieving an expert level understanding of our customers’ environments and their use of our products

Architecting and leading weekly technical delivery of one or more products in a way that maintains an unyielding focus on quality while matching the needs of the target customer base

Creating solutions architecture, algorithms, and designs for solutions that scale to the customer's enterprise/global requirements

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Engineering

5+ years of experience as both a hands-on architect and a software engineer

Proficiency in the following skills and technologies is mandatory:
• Programming Language (Java / C++ / C#(.Net) / PHP / Python / Ruby on Rails)

• Database(SQL server/Oracle/MySQL/MongoDB/Cassandra)

• SOA, EDA, and Design patterns.

• Javascript (ReactJS, AngularJS) , HTML5, CSS3

• Cloud computing architecting

• Linux, Django, REST, tools for CI/CD (Jenkins), Git, and shell scripting

• DevOps

• Writing Unit Test Cases
MVC, and knowledge of another server-side programming language is desired but not mandatory

Demonstrated success as a problem solver, result-oriented, self-starter

Comfortable “working virtually” with teammates and customers around the world. We do a lot of Skype and video conferencing

Good proficiency in English language

Role Technical Product Manager Vice President of Technical Product Management Senior Vice President of Technical Product Management Executive Vice President of Technical Product Management
Compensation $50/hr (~$100k/yr) $100/hr (~$200k/yr) $200/hr (~$400k/yr) $400/hr (~$800k/yr)
Role Type Individual Contributor Individual Contributor Individual Contributor and Team Lead Individual Contributor and Team Lead
A good fit for... Technically strong, hands-on senior developers who are interested in a career progression in Technical Product Management but have no Product Management experience.

They care a lot about creating simple, clean software. They have opinions about what makes a great API, database schema, algorithm implementation, rollout procedure, monitoring strategy, etc.
Architects and senior developers who have experience making core technical decisions AND can describe simple solutions to complex problems by using high-level architectural patterns.

They have strong (and well informed) points of view about when to use different technologies, they like to make bold decisions that control scope in order to simplify things, they enjoy designing solutions that minimize the code to be written.
Experienced architects at larger established tech companies who have both deep technical experience and some management experience.

They simplify architectures and make scope decisions.

They are great communicators who see writing technical specs much like writing code. They enjoy developing talent on a team by giving clear and frequent feedback.
Experienced product leaders at larger established SaaS companies who have deep technical experience coupled with strong business acumen..

They stay abreast of emerging technologies and visualize how to apply them to create compelling differentiated value..

They are industry luminaries, thought leaders and technology evangelists.
They have a blog with a sizeable following, author well-known books and articles in prominent media, or routinely speak and lead workshops at major conferences.
Core Deliverables Create L1 Specs
That define implementation-level technical design and Acceptance Criteria
Create L2 Specs
That make the Important Technical Decisions regarding Scope, Implementation, and Acceptance Criteria
Hire and Grow Vice Presidents of TPM

Review and Simplify L2 Specs
Hire and Grow Senior Vice Presidents of TPM

Create standardized processes for innovation and ideation



Our investment in you begins with an initial 30 day paid training session.

You will learn valuable fundamental skills around how to interview subject matter experts, determine which ideas are most important, and simplify those in writing as concise technical decisions. We build on these skills throughout the training and learn to combine them effectively to create effective product specifications. And finally, you will tackle a capstone project under real-world working conditions.

Throughout your training, you will get daily feedback to accelerate learning and growth far beyond typical classrooms or training programs


Here are two architecture playbooks that have been produced by existing members of our TPM organization on some of the latest technologies.

These are both examples of what this role produces as well as valuable guides you can use to apply these patterns in your own designs.

If you’d like to create similar playbooks for your own use, you can use this template.