You have seen it work on the field or the court: Kids excel when they are motivated to put forth their best effort and receive concrete feedback on how to improve. 

You are a transformational athletic coach at an elite college looking to have a greater impact beyond your team. Join us and change the world. Your strong leadership and ability to motivate young people will find a supportive home at Alpha.

We are looking for outstanding coaches who know how to motivate kids. Our campus leaders are not traditional principals. They focus on inspiring kids and teaching our educators (called Guides) how to coach kids to greatness. You do not need a background in traditional education or school management to be successful in this role - in fact, we find that experience can make it harder to be successful at Alpha. So, if you have a non-traditional background, experience coaching kids, and a desire to instill life skills and academic smarts in the next generation, we encourage you to apply!

Alpha is a private K-12 school in Texas unlike any other. At Alpha, we have cracked the code that enables kids to learn twice as fast, gain life skills through real-world projects, and love school so much that they can not wait to return from breaks. All the old, broken ways of operating a school have been rejected, and in their place are three fulfilled promises to families:

  • Students love school.
  • Students learn two times faster than in a traditional school.
  • Students learn life skills.

This is an on-site position at one of our new campuses in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, or Brownsville, TX. Benefits include medical, dental, and vision insurance, FSA, short-term and long-term disability insurance, term life insurance, and 401K.

What you will be doing

  • Learn every aspect of the Alpha model so you can deliver it effectively in a new location
  • Uphold the Alpha promises by forging strong relationships with students and parents
  • Provide concrete training to help Guides become the best coaches possible

What you will NOT be doing

  • Sitting in your office waiting to discipline unruly kids. You’ll actively get to know each student and help them love school by inspiring and motivating them.
  • Managing the non-academic operations of the school. You’ll work with a COO who handles vendors, financials, and more.

Key Responsibilities

  • Leading a daily standup meeting to set goals and expectations for the Guides
  • Observing Guides and students in action 
  • Providing Guides with written and in-person coaching on how to motivate students and how to deliver engaging workshops that teach valuable life skills
  • Communicating with parents 
  • Interacting with students to make sure they love Alpha

Candidate Requirements

  • A passion for working with kids and the ability to motivate them
  • A belief that the traditional education model needs to be revamped
  • Experience coaching at an elite youth or collegiate level
  • Ability to provide direct, constructive feedback
  • Bachelor's degree or higher
  • Willingness to work in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, or Brownsville, TX
  • Ability to legally work in the United States
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