Application Support Engineer

Job ID: 4517


So writing and running the same application gets boring with time, right? 

In this role you'll help deploy, run, and scale hundreds of different applications, all while learning how to work with a Platform to rule them all

What you will be doing

Your day will be primary divided into prioritizing and handle alerts generated by the Engine Yard Platforms, and address customer tickets in a way that the customer feels has learn something new every time.  Eventually the customers will reach out via chat as well, making handling tickets much more interesting.  Those daily chores will encompass weekends every now and then, as EY provides 24/7 support for customers.

You will also be helping with testing fixes for issues with the Engine Yard Platforms, with the occasional opportunity to write those fixes yourself.  Last but not least, the regular chores may include creating and maintaining internal runbooks & playbooks.

What you will NOT be doing

The Engine Yard platforms are highly configurable, so supporting their users is not providing always the same solution.  Under that fact, you will be providing support for an infrastructure product that is shaped as a SaaS offering.  Nor will you be building or maintaining a one-off solution for every customer.

Also, you won't be doing tasks that aren't technical in nature.

Key Responsibilities

  • Address issues customers have when using Engine Yard platforms
  • Handle outages customers may suffer
  • Help customers customize the Engine Yard platforms for their needs
  • Guide customers on best practices around Ruby on Rails and Containerization
  • Help the customer learn something new about Ruby, Containers, or Engine Yard with every interaction

Candidate Requirements

  • Working knowledge of Cloud technologies
  • Working knowledge on scripting languages
  • Ability to understand logic of module written by somebody else
  • Skills on identifying and fixing a problem a system has by reading logs and using tools provided by the  systems themselves
  • Ability to keep focus on the problem at hand despite pressure from customers and the environment
  • Strong written communication skills, with ability to craft an answer (or a follow up question) in clear language that helps both the customer and team members to understand the case
  • Willingness to take on issues that are outside of the comfort zone on a regular bases
  • Self-drive to go the extra mile to have an issue solved

Nice to have

  • Working knowledge of AWS Cloud services
  • Knowledge of Container orchestration platforms
  • Working knowledge on writing code using Ruby / Ruby on Rails.
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