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You are a natural motivator who delights in interacting with kids and inspiring them to achieve more than anyone thought possible. As an optimist, you are energized by spending all day connecting with kids. As a high-achiever, you set high goals for yourself and others. If you genuinely care about changing kids’ lives and love motivating them, this job is for you.

We are looking for outstanding coaches who know kids have amazing capabilities. That means we are not looking for traditional educators or teachers --in fact, you’re not required to have any educational credentials. Just like how great sports coaches and fitness instructors motivate through positive encouragement, you will show our students you care about them, guide them to success, and celebrate their accomplishments. 

Through one-on-one, short Zoom calls, you will provide consistent motivation and inspiration to students. You will be the cheerleader for each student’s path to success and keep them accountable while being on the same boat as them. You will also dedicate time to build relatability with students, pay close attention to their interests, and develop a personal connection with what they love.

As a result of your encouragement and genuine connection, our students will put in the hard work necessary for high standards of achievement in academics and life skills. If you genuinely love inspiring kids all day long, we would love to meet you.

What you will be doing

  • 1-1 calls with students over Zoom
  • Coming up with ideas to motivate and inspire kids
  • Developing common interests by learning about what kids love
  • Fostering accountability through positive feedback and connection, not authority

What you will NOT be doing

  • Teaching math, grammar, science, or any academic material
  • Grading, assessing, or developing student plans
  • Supervising students as an authority figure or “managing” students
  • Spending time with students without a clear purpose
  • Setting a low bar for what students can achieve

Key Responsibilities

  • Creating a relationship with students based on trust and a personal connection. Students need to want to talk with you, not dread it
  • Delivering motivation and inspiration based on positive feedback
  • Cultivating accountability and following through on students’ plans in an encouraging way
  • Developing student confidence in their abilities and appreciating their potential

Candidate Requirements

  • A genuine interest and ability in building relationships with kids
  • Holding high expectations for kids and fully appreciating their potential
  • A positive, enthusiastic, encouraging, and optimistic personality
  • Ability to conduct video calls in a quiet and peaceful environment for six hours a day between 8:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Central Time
  • Love spending all day interacting with middle school-aged kids
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