VP of Professional Services, Totogi (Remote) - $200,000/year USD

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Totogi is looking for empathic telecommunications service professionals who believe providers should foster deep, loving, and communicative relationships with their customers.

Totogi is a telco software company whose success depends on our ability to not only deliver real, tangible business value to our customers, but also to give them a front row seat to show them “how the sausage is made”. Your job will be to continually improve our service implementation process and keep customers excited and involved, rather than simply placated. This role is a gateway to a higher level of professional services management.

If you believe customers deserve personalized attention instead of half-working, repurposed projects delivered from a big, bloated brand, then come help Totogi shatter an old school industry begging for an interpersonal touch.

What you will be doing
  • Generating Customer Enthusiasm: Giving customers full visibility into our value creation process and then delivering tangible business value
  • Internal Process Improvements: Optimizing the service implementation process for your team of project delivery specialists based on new customer requirements
  • Coaching: Tapping into your expertise in delivering telco projects to improve the quality of your team’s customer-facing deliverables
What you will NOT be doing
  • Project management or task delegation. Instead, you will be actively coaching a project delivery team and showing them how to improve by doing the work yourself. We consider project management to be career poison.
  • High-level customer “check-ins”. Instead, you will demonstrate actual value by conducting product demos or showcasing real work the team has done.
Key Responsibilities
  • Increase the quality and operational efficiency of Totogi’s service implementation system
  • Show customers exactly why they should be excited about their upcoming month with Totogi
Candidate Requirements
  • At least 5 years of customer-facing experience in the telecommunications industry
  • A hands-on approach to managing internal teams and customer engagements
  • Ability to work 100% remotely


$200k/year ($100/hour)



full-time Job

40 hours/week any timezone

Employment Type

Long-term role