| Product Chief Architect

Stefan Camilleri

Stefan is a self-described “technologist at heart.” He loves the fact that at Crossover, he has had the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies like Kubernetes and Docker. Stefan told us about how leveraging these new technologies as a Product Chief Architect at Crossover has been the best move in his career.
Stefan Camilleri, Product Chief Architect


You have extensive enterprise experience prior to joining Crossover.  Can you tell us more about what the most noticeable differences are between Crossover and those enterprise companies?

Before Crossover, I noticed that many companies - enterprise companies in particular - tend to stick to older technologies because they're safer.  And what I wanted was a challenge with more cutting-edge technologies.  At the time, it was Docker.  Nowadays (especially in the last year), Kubernetes has played a huge role in infrastructure.  I was very excited to find out that there were many opportunities of this kind working with Crossover's clients right.

I actually joined the Crossover marketplace as a Java and. NET Chief Architect. Today, I'm an AWS and Node JS architect - a completely different technology stack.  This was only possible because I would say that Crossover is relatively modern-thinking; they realize that once you are an engineer of a certain caliber, the stack itself is a secondary detail.  At the time, I had just finished taking care of one product with my main stack and this opportunity came along on Node JS.

It was great for me because I could see that the market was moving in that direction. But as somebody who has been working for 20 years in enterprises with Java and .NET, it can be very tricky to sell yourself as a Node JS guy if you haven't had the relevant professional experience.  It's kind of a “chicken and egg” situation.  But thankfully, this opportunity at Crossover came along and nowadays I am proud to say that I've been managing a Node JS and AWS project.  This is an opportunity that I don't think would have been possible with other companies.

What’s an example of a project you have worked on that leveraged new technologies in an innovative way?

One very interesting project I worked on was an in-house testing solution that had an artificial intelligence component.  In UI testing, if let's say a button just changes from "login" to "sign in," generally the test will fail.  Then you need some test engineer to update it and say "oh, it’s not a valid failing test because we just changed the word."  We actually had an AI library that was based on heuristics and some other “magic” that enables you to scale up your testing efforts, because there's less work involved in managing it.

Have your colleagues at Crossover impacted your career in any meaningful ways?

The one great thing about working with Crossover is that everybody is just so amazing.  No matter what role they are in, they are very good.  For example, I thought my first manager was the best manager I had ever worked for... Until I met my next one. And I would be very surprised if there is somebody better than him.

On a technical level, there are other chief architects I work with and we learn so much from each other. They all have extensive experience in the industry, in different fields.  And there's so much knowledge to share between us.  It makes me a better architect every day.