Senior Presales Engineer

Apply for a high-paying remote Senior Presales Engineer role in a dynamic environment that test your technical genius to the max.

Senior Presales Engineer

$200k USD/year  $ 100 USD/hour   40h/week   Remote Position   Long-term

Are you the top 1% talent in the world? Do you want to work for a revolutionary remote workforce from all over the world, where you will be challenged daily? Are you a technology evangelist who can master complex solutions? Have you blown away customers with your ability to demonstrate technical differentiations in solutions? Are you capable of getting open and direct feedback from top executives through weekly performance reviews, and take action immediately? If you want to grow more in a year than most will in a decade, you should Apply now.

Why Crossover?
Be a part of the fastest growing private equity portfolio in the world. Join our rapidly expanding partner network. Support an expanding global network of clients. A key benefit of Crossover is that all our roles are location independent. Live and work anywhere: work from home, a coffee shop or at one of the many co-working spaces Crossover partners can access and collaborate.

This is a perfect role for a technical genius who thrives in an entrepreneurial environment and in solving complex problems for customers with high expectations. The position is a great fit if you are -

Someone who takes a truly hands-on approach to solutions engineering and consulting (executing demos on new product(s) is a curiosity driven natural skill)

Someone who has experience and a passion for identifying the unique differentiation a technology solution can deliver in a customer’s environment and developing a killer story (a narrative) and future vision

Someone who is able to rapidly identify customers’ technical and business needs, investigate the existing architecture and make new recommendations that enables the customer to extract more value from their technology investments  

Someone whose background and past experience will allow him to stand shoulder to shoulder with a Chief Software Architect and CTOs/CIOs and have meaningful intelligent discussions developing new technology/solutions and advancing the status quo

Someone who is  able to quickly pick up new technologies -- he or she cannot be a single category/domain leader or have learned software through roles in marketing and project management alone. Substantial software engineering experience is a must


A Senior Presales Engineer within the channel and SMB software is a critical customer-facing technical solution team member with a number of responsibilities.

Content Creation: Help define new technical content, white paper, technical concept notes that facilitate marketing, Sales, Presales or help conclude delivery of existing services

Achieving an expert level understanding of our customers’ environments and their evolving requirements vis-a-vis our solutions and products so that you can facilitate the creation of new opportunities

Lead customer business value identification and discovery -- understand how our products and their unique differentiation can be used within the customer’s existing architecture and business environment to unlock business value and affect process change

Lead solution vision development and communication -- create and be able to present a story that paints a future vision for a customer of what their business can become by utilizing our product(s).

As part of pre-sales cycles or POC delivery, creating solution architecture, heuristics, and designs for new solution approaches that meet/exceed customer's enterprise/global requirements

Play a critical role in performing due-diligence of the Presales and Product function for new company acquisitions

Play a critical role in product evolution by being the key stakeholder into the product management function by providing critical product inputs to our product management function

Lead the technical demonstration(s) -- create and document specific alignment between a technology demonstration and a solution vision. Set the quality bar for demo’s curation, execution and delivery

Keep up-to-date with market competitors for products in our portfolio and be able to compare and contrast them as needed.

Prepare the technical responses to RFPs and other documents as required.

Goals for the role include:

Expansion of our solution footprint inside our SMB customers as measured by expanded user adoption, expanded solution use cases, leading to customer retention

Support the channel sales team in Solution sales increase and conversion of loyal customers towards our unlimited software library platform

Technical demonstration, show case and deployment of our solutions for both loyal as well as new customers

Maintain relationships with existing customers and ensure they have the confidence in your abilities as a technical SME while you you position yourself as a ‘customer advocate’

10+ years of hands-on technical experience with large-scale enterprise software application development, deployment and/or support of a solution at large Fortune 100 companies as a Software Engineer or a Sales/Support Engineer

5+ years in SMB software sales experience in security, networking and/or communication software. TCP/IP, Network Architecture

5+ years of experience in channel sales engineering (distributor, reseller, SI) with an ASP of $1,000-$5,000

5+ years of team leadership and customer handling experience as technical SME for enterprise software solutions (for example in BigData, Analytics, CDS, database systems, cost accounting systems, marketing analytics solutions, Load Balancing systems etc.)

3+ experience handling delivery engagements for Global 1000 clients

3+ hands-on software coding and architecture experience and/or hands-on network configuration and administration.

Excellent understanding of current enterprise software technologies and development practices/tools, including virtual environments, source control, remote development, issue tracking, build and test automation, and networking management

Experience in programming concepts such as object-oriented, functional, procedural languages such that you can review and critique code

Technical genius par-excellence in programming, writing algorithms, and architecting solutions; Architecting solutions should not merely be your skill, but your passion

Ability to engage sophisticated global customers in deep technical discussions, making them confident that you know their problem better than they do

Computer Science or Engineering graduate/ post-graduate/ doctorate with top marks from a top technical university

A true “roll up the sleeves and get it done” working approach; Demonstrated success as a problem solver, operating as a result-oriented, self-starter

Comfort “working virtually” with teammates and customers around the world

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering

Located in USA, Europe, Canada, or Australia

If based in USA, Canada, Australia - English Level Native or Avanded is required

If based in EMEA - Native French or Spanish with business level English is required.
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What's a Hiring Tournament?
A Tournament is an Online Hiring Event and includes all testing for the role at the same day. Upon grading the deliverables from the event, we will set up qualified candidates with an interview with the hiring manager.



Learn and Use Disruptive Technologies

Crossover is your chance to learn cutting-edge new technologies in AI, Machine Learning, Big Data analysis, NLP, Cloud services etc and also know how and when to use them.
Experience the Scale and Intensity

Crossover gives you an unprecedented visibility to the top technology companies throughout the globe and gives you an opportunity to work on multi-million dollar revenue products processing millions of transactions using revolutionary and radically differentiated processes in a high intensity environment.
Continual Improvement

With our culture of setting SMART goals, you will receive candid feedback weekly instead of waiting for quarterly or annual reviews to help you take timely corrective actions for your overall learning and development.