Technical Product Manager

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Technical Product Manager
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Are you the best architect on your team, stuck working on the same codebase for quarters or even years at a time? Do you have 1,000 ideas about how you could make the applications you’ve inherited simpler and more maintainable if only your stakeholders would give you the time you need to do things right? Do you enjoy learning and using the latest cloud services?

If so, you'll love our view of Technical Product Management. Our TPMs have strong engineering backgrounds because they are focused on different things than your typical PM.

Our TPMs are focused on...

  • Designing better and simpler technical solutions, not managing a long feature backlog

  • Improving core data structures and algorithms, not the UI/UX layer

  • Maximizing the use of disruptive technology, not low-value and undifferentiated code


Key Responsibilities:

  • Making Technical Decisions. Identifying the Important outcomes, Evaluating alternatives, Looking for the best/simplest pattern, deciding how to apply existing patterns to a given problem, adding detail to P2 decisions

  • Learning Important Context. Interviewing Product Architects, Reading Docs, Using Products, Learning new APIs or Services, Reading Code, Evaluating Technical Patterns

  • Reviewing Content. Reviewing deliverables created by Engineers. Deciding whether to Approve or Reject (with feedback).

  • Writing. Creating milestone specs and decisions, using diagrams to communicate technical decisions.


Candidate Requirements:

  • A university degree including the study of data structures, algorithms, and computing fundamentals.

  • At least 2 years of experience writing object-oriented production code for a commercial software company.

  • At least 2 years of experience making important architecture and design decisions; such as data domain modeling, application of design patterns, and design using third-party components.

  • Some experience designing for cloud computing paradigms (such as Amazon Web Services, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform).

  • The ability to simplify complex ideas and communicate them with clear, logical thinking.


Nice to have:

  • Experience rebuilding/redesigning existing products on top of entirely new cloud services (for example all the AWS services beyond EC2 and S3).

  • Experience writing technical architecture documents

  • AWS/Azure/GCP Certifications


What you will be doing:

As a Crossover TPM, you will have a long-term role on a team that makes the important architecture decisions across a steady stream of product releases that are fueled by Trilogy's growing portfolio of 100s of enterprise software applications.

Our TPMs use the latest cloud patterns and services to rearchitect many applications each year. Most people are lucky to have the opportunity to create foundational technical direction a few times in their careers. Because of our virtually endless supply of modernization and cloud rebuild projects, our TPMs make these decisions every week.

Day-to-day, TPMs:

  • Turn high-level technical specs into detailed designs that engineers can execute on

  • Uphold high standards on fundamental data structures, algorithms, and architectural best practices

  • Define the acceptance criteria to measure engineering deliverables against


Meet the hiring manager:

In this 10-minute video, you’ll learn about our unique approach to product management and what you can expect to do each week at Crossover…

Job Details
attach_money 50/hour (100k per year)
home Work from anywhere
access_time 40h/wk any timezone
library_books Long-term role
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