Location: Timisoara, Romania   |   Role: Customer Support Manager

For some Crossover partners, the opportunity to grow as a professional while accommodating a unique personal or family need is the most appealing aspect to a role at Crossover. This is the case for Liviu A., who is able to spend more time with his wonderful young son while providing him with the best medical treatment available. We were honored to hear more of his story.



Has your compensation at Crossover impacted your lifestyle in any meaningful way?

It most definitely has. While my work experience and skill set allows me to be fairly comfortable in finding a job, I am 100% sure that no other company will compensate me as well as Crossover does. This is extremely important to me at this stage since I am the father of a wonderful little boy. He is the strongest person I know. He went through so many difficult situations before he was even 1 year old, one of those situations being an open heart surgery. We are now preparing for a second surgery, about 18 months after the first one.

I applied to work for Crossover after the first surgery when I realized that it will give me the financial stability that I needed to make sure that my son gets the best treatment possible. We are raising the money needed to pay for the surgery since we will need to travel to another country for the intervention. We literally found out about the need of the second surgery months before it was needed, but the fact that the compensation received from Crossover is so good means that we need a couple of months to raise the money we need for the surgery. It's just another thing that we don't need to be concerned about.

This also brought to our attention the severe lacks of the national health system and the problems that other parents face in a situation similar to ours. Me and my wife are now spending a portion of our income to donations and charities designed to help sick children get the medical attention they need. On top of it all, being able to work 100% from home and be close to my family was just a dream bonus. All this is only possible because of Crossover and for that, thank you!


What did the process look like for you to join Crossover?

I knew about Crossover from one good friend that has been working here for the past three years. Since I was considering switching career paths to Support, I applied and got the job as an L2 Customer Support Architect and later transitioned towards Customer Support Manager. I decided to apply after many months of consideration. I initially couldn't believe that the jobs are secure and the compensation is as advertised. I actually applied for a position that I was under qualified just to see how I'd do at the interview and, to my slight surprise, I didn't even get to the interview as my application got rejected. This showed me that the screening process is good and after discussing with the people working here, that the same rigorous process applies to the interview and the working environment. This proved to me that I can trust the adverts and made me apply. The rest is history :)


Tell us about your team.  How have your colleagues (teammates, managers, direct reports) helped you grow?

I had the opportunity to grow and improve from day 1 on my new position. From working for one of the best managers I've seen to managing one of the best customers support teams I've ever seen it has been a journey full of lessons. I've learned to listen carefully and understand the unspoken things; I've learned to express myself better and more concisely; I've had to make the hard decisions of letting people go when it was clear that they were underperforming and hurting the company and each of these experiences has shown me something; I've learned to ask for help anytime I needed it and that a good organization is only as good as the level of cooperation between all the teams. Most of all, I've learned that being a contractor here, at Crossover, made me a better professional overall.

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