WorkSmart Productivity Tool by Crossover

Staying on task is challenging, especially so for the remote worker who relies on many forms of communication to keep connected with their team. More people are working remotely than ever before but many workers and companies still struggle with productivity when left to work on their own terms.

It’s a challenge but fortunately remote workers aren’t left to fend for themselves.  Crossover has developed an online productivity tool called WorkSmart that helps remote workers manage their time more efficiently and receive a fair working environment.



What is WorkSmart? 

WorkSmart is the productivity measurement tool of the future of work. It’s a data-driven solution to help managers measure productivity within their teams and to help workers as a personal productivity application. With a brick & mortar job, managers rely heavily on optics to make sure you’re taking care of business.

WorkSmart provides accurate, in-depth analysis of your productivity so there’s never any gray area.

This unique and innovative tool works by logging the hours you work. When you turn WorkSmart on, it will use keyboard activity, application usage, screenshots, and webcam photos to generate a timecard every 10 minutes.

Both you and your manager can view your logbook where all of your timecards are displayed and a dashboard summarizes your timecards to show you how you spent your time.



Who uses WorkSmart?

WorkSmart is currently used by 1,500+ contractors in more than 80 countries throughout the globe. This type of software for remote work is not new, however it is revolutionary in that we combine time tracking with productivity enhancement.

WorkSmart is a virtual representation of the physical working world, enabling remote work to be effective. 



Accurate Time Tracking 

Need to take a break or view personal information? We get it – we’re humans, not robots. All you have to do is pause WorkSmart and the tool will stop tracking your activity.  You are in control.


WorkSmart helps ease the transition from brick & mortar to remote work by recognizing how much of your day is spent on administrative tasks versus revenue-generating activities that is the essence of your role. It’s different from other productivity tools because WorkSmart’s interested in the quality of your output, not when you’re punching in and out. Today’s managers know that results are more important than the time you put in which is why the tool is designed to monitor productivity and performance.

WorkSmart is becoming the benchmark
for how people will work in the future.

The ability to log the hours you work also guarantees that you’re paid fairly for the time that you’ve spent – and vice versa. Your manager can be confident in that the time you’re billing are fair and billable working hours. It also lets them know when you’ve clocked in too many hours and need to take a step back.

We want our employees to be productive but also believe in a good balance.  A burnt out worker is an unproductive one.

As an employer, WorkSmart helps to ensure that your team’s time is spent on essential tasks and can flag the non-crucial “time sucks” that can eat up valuable hours in a work day. Setting up a calendar with your employees will give you insight on what activities they’re working on throughout the day. That way you’ll know that an email sent on Tuesdays at 10am won’t be answered until the afternoon because their morning has been blocked off for emails and client status calls. WorkSmart assists in managing your team’s time so you can focus on everything else.



Why WorkSmart? 

Great people are always seeking to improve their performance. With the ability to see how much time was spent where, you can monitor where time could be better spent and set personal benchmarks to get better results in the future.

Work with your manager to set your goals, manage priorities, and structure your schedule to block off time for tasks those priorities translate to. WorkSmart allows you and your manager to measure your productivity that can then be checked against specific milestones to ensure you’re spending your time on where it matters the most

By being transparent, WorkSmart creates trust between a manager and remote worker. Remote teams rely heavily on trust and collaboration to be successful and being open with each other implies that you have each other’s best interests in mind. This is the foundation to a positive working relationship.