Russian Federation |  VP of Software Engineering, Trilogy

Gennadii Nikolaev

Gennadii Nikolaev is doing what he dreamed of doing when his career began 25 years ago. As part of the architecture team, he develops the structure for new projects and “all kinds of super interesting stuff.”
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How long have you worked at Crossover?

I started my Crossover journey two years and one month ago. And actually it’s been a wonderful two years already and I hope to spend several more years. Every day I learn something new and this is awesome because I'm a curious guy and learning is an essential part of my life. If you learn every day, you never get bored.

Right now with the pandemic, a lot of people work from home that typically would be going to a building. What would you say to them about the asynchronous lifestyle of working from home longer term?

I would just love to tell people that working remotely is great. It is great. It is way better than working in an office. Working remotely will save you some time to live your life. I don't need to spend time commuting because it's just a waste of time. I'm very flexible. I can work from anywhere if I have stable internet connection. Even during a five hour flight, for example. I can organize vacations the way I want and as I can work from anywhere, it's not a problem.

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