Software Sales Leader, CloudFix (Remote) - $800,000/year USD

Job ID: 5102

Do you have a knack for opening doors into C-suites and thrive on building high-profile relationships? Are you passionate about reducing AWS costs for industry giants while setting the stage for a cost-effective future? If so, we have the role for you!

CloudFix is looking for a sales professional to light the way for AWS savings within large enterprises. Our product does the heavy lifting of scanning AWS accounts, identifying cost-saving possibilities, and implementing fixes non-stop, shrinking AWS bills by 15-60%. This isn't your typical sales role. Instead of selling, your objective is clear: establish high-level meetings with the right audience from targeted organizations and communicate effectively the no-brainer benefits of letting CloudFix handle their AWS expenditures.

The ideal candidate is a seasoned pro with a successful track record in enterprise sales within the cloud infrastructure sector. You thrive on networking and leveraging contacts within large organizations, capitalizing on existing relationships. You are not just a pioneer, but a storyteller, efficiently brewing a compelling narrative of how CloudFix can transform their AWS landscape. If this describes you, join us today!

What you will be doing
  • Developing and fostering relationships within large enterprises that have significant AWS expenditures
  • Fully understanding, then articulating the CloudFix value proposition to potential partners, ensuring the message aligns with their pain points
  • Applying strategic networking skills, turning cold leads to warm ones, and helping CloudFix find its way into more AWS accounts
  • Addressing common objections and highlighting how CloudFix stands apart from other solutions
  • Consistently achieving the objective of setting up high-quality meetings with decision-makers in target organizations
What you will NOT be doing
  • Diving into the deep end of the tech pool, as performing product demos or having detailed product knowledge is not your purview
  • Managing a sales team; instead, it's playing the role of a connector, creating opportunities for CloudFix within AWS-centric enterprises
  • Battling in a crowded competitive space to differentiate your product; CloudFix’s proposition is so clear-cut, its value stands out on its own
Key Responsibilities

Establish and secure high-level meetings with decision-makers within large enterprises, articulating the unique value proposition of CloudFix with the aim of creating opportunities for its successful sale.

Candidate Requirements
  • Experience selling cloud infrastructure, specifically AWS or Azure, to enterprise clients
  • A proven track record of closing $1M+ ARR cloud infrastructure deals
  • Experience securing in-person sales meetings for cloud infrastructure products
  • Successfully set up or scaled an end-to-end sales process for a startup or small company
  • Willingness to travel within an assigned territory (North America, EMEA, APAC, etc.) to attend sales meetings
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