Guaranteed top performers at
every pay band

Our ambitious, high-performing talent is amongst the top 1% in the world. Our $200k talent perform as well as your current $500k employees.  At our $200k versus your current $200k employees – it’s not even close.

We guarantee it.

Sophisticated skills testing to determine the best
Interviews are 14% effective and resumes are 500 years old.  They are no longer the right tools to select the best talent.  We use modern, big data algorithms and on-the-job scenario skills testing to choose the top 1% of talent for every role.

The best talent is all over the world
There is no such thing as a talent shortage.  Crossover selects the top 1% of talent across 80 different countries – not just the US.
Measurement leads to productivity and trust
The best people in the world want to continually improve. They want to see how they perform versus their peers. They want to learn and to get better every day. They look forward to stack ranking as they want to see themselves on top. Crossover finds these people and provides them a variety of metrics to relentlessly pursue productivity gains – every minute of the day.