Join Prequel

Prequel is a group of education brands that help the world's most ambitious kids learn 21st-century life skills by building projects with real-world feedback and impact. Through entrepreneurship and world-class mentors, Prequel helps middle and high school students build critical life skills not taught in school. 

We believe that the best way to learn anything is through entrepreneurship. 

We take teens from potential to progress. We believe that society underestimates what ambitious teens can achieve.

Starting now, teens can find what they're passionate about and accelerate their careers by getting hands-on experience - instead of waiting to "grow up.”

What Are We Doing?


As kids explore different topics, careers, and opportunities for what to build, they will consume content to find an interest instead of memorizing figures and facts.

Real World Action

Throughout history, young people have achieved remarkable things because they started creating in the real world instead of only immersing themselves in abstract theory and textbooks.

Skills that Matter

School is about acquiring knowledge. Building a startup is about converting that knowledge into a tangible skill. By building, kids learn writing, psychology, math & finance, persuasion, critical thinking, and much more.

Working with Us

We bring experts and professionals from some of the world's leading organizations to spearhead our programs. These are the qualities we look for in new hires:

  • You strive to make an impact.
  • You’re inventive and curious
  • When things don’t work out, you take accountability. You thrive on feedback, take ownership of your work, and operate with a small ego.
  • You don’t mind ambiguity and enjoy discovering solutions independently. When looking to evaluate success, you turn to data and outcomes.
  • You’re tenacious. You understand that big goals require persistence and hard work. You aren’t afraid to do less-glamorous work in pursuit of a larger accomplishment.
  • You’re a self-starter. Instead of being told what to do, you’d much rather figure it out for yourself and show everyone how it’s done.
  • On top of all that, you’re driven to improve people’s lives.

Available Jobs