How to Hire Global Talent

Need a smarter way to shortlist global contractors? We’ve spent 10 years perfecting a process that eliminates barriers, guarantees outstanding matches, and saves you time-to-fill.

Hire the Best Candidates 4x Faster

And you won’t pay more! Actually, it’ll probably be cheaper than what you’re paying now!

  • Faster Hiring: Onboard the right candidates swiftly
  • Streamlined Recruitment: Optimize your hiring strategy
  • Quality Talent, Faster: Discover exceptional talent quickly

Harness the Speed of AI with Daily Candidate Shortlists

Forget shotgun hiring. Our AI sifts through thousands of tried-and-tested candidates to deliver five standouts who were made for your job, every day. It's the golden shortlist your HR team has been dreaming about.

Hire From Anywhere

Hire From Anywhere

The best candidate for your position doesn’t live in your city. Set your criteria on our platform to directly access a diverse, global talent pool of top tech candidates.

  • Fully remote candidates
  • Global reach
  • Higher quality matches
  • Perfect job fit
7 Million Candidates

7 Million Candidates

More exclusive than Harvard at less than 1% admission. Each candidate has faced rigorous testing, from aptitude to job-specific skills. Tap into highly vetted, top-tier remote talent.

  • Tested and proven candidates
  • 5 minutes to use
  • Instant matches
  • Top 1% niche talent
Hire 80% Faster

Hire 80% Faster

Shift from manual search to AI precision on-demand. Make your HR team more efficient with higher quality candidate shortlists delivered daily. Just pick, interview and hire.

  • Ditch manual searching
  • No posting or resume screening
  • Harness the power of AI
  • Get 5 matches daily

Companies that trust Crossover

Hiring now

To find the best person in the world, not the best person in their zipcode.


Exclusive access to the world's most vetted contractor talent

Here's how the app works...

Pick Your Model

An AI-Powered Model that Reduces Time-to-Fill By 80%

The demo begins by taking you through our employment model: remote contracting.

By managing the candidates for you, we save your HR team up to 80% of their time-to-fill. Using Crossover's AI and vetted global talent pool - hiring is 4X faster.

Existing clients have optional access to our global candidate pool, where they can hire remote pros as employees without our managed service. 

  • Fully remote contractors (managed)
  • Full-time remote employees (unmanaged)

...And Your Job Type

It's Time to Create Your First Job

Welcome to the Prime app! You'll be asked to choose your job type to target highly vetted candidates from that niche. 

Right now we serve the software engineering, customer support, finance and sales spaces. More tech niches coming soon!

Step 2

Define Your Role

Skip the Manual Admin of Searching, Posting and Reviewing Resumes

Put our niche smart filters to work. Define your role’s unique parameters to find your ideal candidate. It’s a pipeline of the top 1% of niche global talent on tap.

Find quality candidates ready to interview, in just a few minutes. They're here, waiting for serious offers from your HR team.    

  • See our niche smart filters in action
  • Discover how Crossover badges work

Match With Talent

AI Matching for Higher Quality Candidate Shortlists

Get five candidate recommendations every day until you meet your match. Review candidate profiles in-app and decide who you want to meet. 

Check out live skill recordings, badges that prove their proficiency, and test scores.

You get to decide who makes the cut and moves on to interview. The best part? Your HR team can curate a gold shortlist of perfect-fit interviews that result in higher quality hires.

  • View real job candidate profiles
  • Check out recorded skills from live candidate tests

Crossover provides quality global talent quickly, requiring minimal effort on our part because their objective vetting process handles the heavy lifting.
Nigel Back
Step 4

Meet Top Talent

Easy Candidate Interviews for Faster Job Placement

No need for email when you decide on a candidate to interview. Through the app you can schedule interviews using your preferred video tool. Zoom, Skype, Slack – there is no interruption to your existing hiring process.

When you meet the one, they’ll be ready to hear your offer. Whether that’s in one interview or several, you can turn the talent pipeline on and off, on-demand.

  • Easy integration with existing hiring processes
  • Schedule and host the interview
Step 5

Make An Offer

Top-Tier Candidates Waiting for Your Full-time Offer

Extending an offer to an Crossover candidate isn’t your usual remote pitch. Our candidates aren’t freelancers, side-hustlers, or people working from job-to-job. 

These are fully employed, highly sought-after individuals who are here for the opportunities you can offer them.

Our team will forward the offer on to your winning candidate. From there, we let you know whether the offer is accepted, and when they can start. The good news? In just 2-4 weeks you will have a full-time remote contractor ready to perform for your company.

  • We facilitate your candidate offer
  • And secure them in 2-4 weeks

Tailor-Made Packages

Anything is Possible When You Partner with Crossover

What you're looking for doesn't quite fit here? Crossover provides custom packages that are tailor-made to help you unearth the best candidates for your position. 

Whatever your company or hiring team need, we can get it done.

Speak to us about our custom-built solutions and we’ll create a service for you unmatched by anything you’ve seen in the remote space.


Managing Your Remote Contractors

What Happens Once You've Made the Hiring Decision?

Our managed remote contracting service helps you sidestep common global hiring concerns. We handle all of the critical details - freeing you to focus on your new hire.


  • Contracts and contract management
  • Candidate admin for every hire
  • Local legal compliance 
  • International payroll
  • Onboarding and training
  • Managing your distributed team
Cut time-to-fill by 80% with Crossover