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Be part of the major transformation in telecoms! ZephyrTel brings the power of end-to-end public cloud solutions to telecom operators around the world. Having acquired 9 companies over the last three years and serving 300 telecoms operator customers, ZephyrTel continues to expand the portfolio to offer the largest breadth of solutions based on the public cloud. Our strategy is to deliver solutions for the Telco space which are based on the public cloud and stand to truly transform our customers’ businesses, revolutionizing the cost equation, and make them more competitive.

Products and Services

ZephyrTel is serving the telecommunications industry worldwide with an extensive portfolio of Telco cloud solutions for mobile, network and customer experience.


ZephyrTel has installations in over 300 leading global Telecom Operators, covering more than 100 countries around the world.


Formed in 2018 as one global company offering a Telecommunications focused set of products and services, ZephyrTel has acquired 9 companies over the last three years and continues to expand its portfolio.