Dubai, United Arab Emirates |  Strategic Analyst, Trilogy

Malin Raman Delin

Juggling a high-powered career with the needs of a young family is no small feat. Malin Raman Delin found a remote job on Crossover that empowers her with the flexibility to be a super Strategic Analyst and a super Mom at the same time.
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Watch Interview

What led you to this job?

I stumbled on the job description to be honest. It was exactly what I was looking for. There were a couple of reasons for being interested in joining Trilogy for this role. One was the chance to really get back to solving hard technical problems without the burden of dealing with corporate politics and a lot of the noise that operates in a lot of companies. The other big reason for being interested in joining Trilogy is the chance to work on true asynchronous remote work. I really wanted the opportunity to choose when I do high quality work, in the place that I want to do it.

I fell in love with the description and then I interviewed, got the job, and I haven't regretted it since then! It's a wonderful job to have.

Malin Raman Delin working

How has your work/life balance changed?

I was in Sales before. Dubai is the hub for the rest of the Middle East, so I used to be on a plane every week to somewhere. I was quite unfortunate as well that my husband also travels for work, which meant that we never saw each other and we never saw our child.

It was a lot of pressure taken off as soon as I started working for Trilogy. For me, the flexibility that the role offers is just amazing. It's a challenging job with high demands, and I just love that I get to learn everyday. But at the same time, I can also be there for my family. And family will always be priority number one.

What do you love about being a Strategic Analyst?

I'm an entrepreneur by heart – I love solving problems. I love just throwing myself out there in the unknown, and the strategic analyst role is very much about that. You get an assignment that no one knows how to solve. So it's very much up to you to embrace that challenge and believe in yourself and your ability to just solve something unknown.

Sometimes it can feel a little bit overwhelming. You'd be like, Oh wow. And then, you start dividing the problem into pieces, and do some research and eventually, you just put the puzzle together. It's a very fulfilling feeling.

Malin Raman Delin with kids

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