How to Manage Distributed Teams

Streamline everything from contracts and payroll to productivity management.

A simple tool for managers to monitor their teams remotely with deep data insights

Step 1

Tracking billable time

Contractors working for you will track their time in the Crossover platform with a tool called Crossover WorkSmart. On the surface, it acts like a stopwatch that they can hit start or pause as needed and that records the total worked time, but there is more to it as it unlocks deeper insights for team managers.

Step 2

Time approval

Hiring managers can choose to dispute time that is not fairly billed or approve manual time for work that they ask team members to do that cannot be tracked while working on a computer. Your company will have total control over the time being billed.

In addition to this, Crossover’s Trust team will be reviewing all contractor billed time, make sure it is work-related and prevent any unwanted abuse. All cases found as not being work-related will be flagged and disputed and will not be paid unless approved by the manager.

Step 3

Team management

With WorkSmart, managers can answer questions like

  1. How many hours did a specific team member work?
  2. What are the working hour patterns team members follow?
  3. What apps are the team using and how much time they are spending on each app (eg. Office, ERP, IDE, etc.)?
  4. How do team members divide their time between different activities?

This is possible because Crossover WorkSmart can:

The simplest setup is to have all contractors under one view and all managers able to access the data, but you may operate in a more granular way and place contractors in virtual teams managed by designated managers.

Step 4


Crossover will make weekly payments to all contractors based on the billed time that was not disputed and will issue a consolidated invoice to you.

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