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Regina Nogueira

Do you have to choose between saving money and doing what you love? This talented Marketing Content Manager picked both and now earns 4-5X more working creatively with AI. She’s proven she’s part of the top 1%.
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What Made You Apply for a Job with Crossover?

Crossover advertises that they only hire the top 1% of talent. I wanted to prove that I was in that top 1%.

I got my Masters Degree in Digital Media in London. When the pandemic struck, I moved back to Lisbon. I wanted to go back home to be with my family and be close to the sea. I looked for a job that would give me the flexibility to work remotely. Then I found the Crossover ads on LinkedIn.

I applied, and I got the job.

My name is Regina Nogueira, I’m a Marketing Content Manager at GFI Software.

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Lisbon Portugal with Regina.

What Do You Do at GFI Software?

My role includes all of the content creation process. We have a small marketing team, and I’m the only person creating content. So, I create across social media, website content, product content, explainers and one-pagers – it’s on me. I write all day.

How Do You Get So Much Done as a Single Creator?

GFI has an AI-first approach, so we use AI to solve problems.

I write with ChatGPT and other AI tools, which streamlines my work and makes me a lot more productive.

Regina is working with AI.

How Do You Use AI in Your Work?

I’m working on a project to build a creative team from AI.

It will handle the different steps of the content creation process. We have a writer persona, a strategist persona, an editor and a visual designer.

At the moment, I can get a great draft of any content I’m creating, but then need to do some editing to finish it. The full process is pretty much automated.

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Regina enjoying remote work flexibility in Lisbon.

What Do You Enjoy About Working at GFI Software?

I love my job, my team and the fact that I learn so much every day.

Plus, the pay is 4-5X higher than what I’d earn as a marketing manager in Portugal. Working here I don’t have to choose between saving and what I love to do.

What Do You Love to Do?

I get to spend time on my hobbies, like free-form poetry. I’ve been writing poetry since I was a kid. A few years back I published a book of poetry, and with this flexibility I can write for myself every day.

Regina writing poetry.

That time lets me recharge and refocus, so I can return to work with new energy. My job exposes me to new themes, so I write with AI, but also about it. About small things and the beauty in the details.

Now, I get to blend technology and creativity because I got hired on Crossover.

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