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Hamzah Tariq

“The professional growth and learning I have experienced at Crossover has been incomparable to any of my previous engagements,” says Hamzah, a Marketing Manager at Crossover. He credits Crossover’s encouraging and motivational culture, his manager’s work ethic and getting paid in dollars instead of the Pakistani rupee as making his role with the company a dream job. Hamzah has allocated his additional compensation towards some inspiring causes. We connected with Hamzah to hear more about the impact Crossover has had in his daily life.
Hamzah Tariq, Marketing Manager

What has differentiated your role at Crossover with previous positions you have held?

I joined Crossover after having worked with a small company that grew from 25 to 500 people over the 7 years I was with them. As the company grew, the leadership grew distant as their responsibilities increased. Unfortunately, with the rapid growth, the prior responsibilities were not passed down and we found ourselves chasing upper management for the smallest of approvals.

In contrast, Crossover’s model encourages people to take decisions and own whatever is assigned to them.  One of the first things I noticed after joining Crossover was the amount of responsibility given to people. I am always encouraged to run with my ideas and recommendations. The Crossover leadership inspires me with their positive attitude and desire to succeed as a team. Part of this mindset is the willingness to try new things - I am constantly encouraged to move forward and improve which in turn increases my own willingness to experiment.

One of the most amazing experiences at Crossover has been my manager’s encouragement. He has always encouraged me to work on new ideas to drive growth with an understanding that some of those things might not work, but knowing that some might. It is this outlook of ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’ that allows us all to learn from each other’s successes and failures and get better.

In what ways have you grown professionally during your time at Crossover?

I was fortunate enough to join a team led by the best manager I have had to date. I have learned the importance of empowering everyone within the team. I am asked to come up with plans, devise strategies and implement them based on my better judgment. My decisions are valued and trusted, and I am encouraged to solve problems that may arise along the way with the resources at my disposal. 

My manager is very quick to give feedback on the work I do, its importance and the impact it will have. He makes sure I know the direction things are taking and why, what is expected of the team and how we will get there. This constant communication gives me and the rest of the team a sense of direction and reinforces the importance of what we do. 

Has your compensation at Crossover impacted your lifestyle in any meaningful way?

The Pakistani rupee dropped 7% against the dollar just a week ago, and it has dropped 20% in the past year alone. Unfortunately, local employers cannot do much in such situations and employees like myself end up earning less than previous years due to the currency devaluation.   

Working at Crossover has allowed me to spend on those that matter most to me. I see this opportunity as a chance for to give back to the people who cared for me when I was growing up. 

In addition to the financial security, I have a lot more time to spend with my family. I can now pick my kids up from school every day and spend time with them before starting work. Prior to Crossover, I would rarely see my kids during the week and time spent together with the family was mostly just on the weekends. This shift in routine has been great as it has given me so much more time with loved ones while being able to grow professionally with some of the best in the business.

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