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Rezgar Cadro

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Rezgar Cadro, Cloud Software Architect

Hi, I'm Rezgar. I joined Crossover in 2018 and have contributed in a variety of roles throughout this period. I began as a Software Architect specialized in Code Cleanup, was promoted to Chief Architect role where I was responsible for importing one of the products acquired by the company, followed by a role in Engineering Due Diligence and then finally joined the Cloud Software Architecture team in the middle of 2019. Throughout the journey through the different divisions of the company I have constantly remained impressed by the qualification of people and of the highly efficient and technical approach to both people and product management. One could assume that in a company of this magnitude, change and innovation would be resisted, however with any of the divisions, moreover in Cloud Architecture and Design this is far from reality. 

What is so different for me in the Cloud Software Architect role in Crossover, as opposed to my previous years of experience as an architect, something I don't cease to enjoy for the last 6 months, since joining the team - is realizing that your wit, knowledge and skill are constantly pushed to the limits from one specification to the next in constant pursuit of technical decisions, that are important from the business perspective to lift the boundaries for the product to grow and evolve, unrestrained with what is cheaper to implement, but aiming for what is best for the product. To speak of the priorities.

Bleeding edge technology is constantly incorporated, product tech and work processes constantly evolve and everything inefficient and suboptimal gets cut off or improved. The widest variety of large scale products in the broadest range of domains (from specialized Telco products, to Web/Mobile apps, to Big Data, to Machine Learning...) and the ability to switch between them on a week-to-week basis. One day you're working with Linux kernel network stack, and the next one you're creating an ETL pipeline or working on video processing. This is certainly a very intensive environment, but it is extremely rewarding in terms of knowledge and professional growth. Moreover, you get to work with the smartest and most savvy people within the Cloud Architecture and Design team, learn from CTOs through the decisions on specific cases and direct input.

Add to this flexible hours, great pay and freedom to travel and you will get a good picture of what it’s like to be a Cloud Software Architect in Crossover.

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