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Loren Charnley

Impact and Variety of Work
Loren Charnley, Subsystem CTO

I'm Loren Charnley and I started as a Subsystem CTO in 2019. Previously, I worked for both Global Fortune 100 companies and small technology firms. In those environments I would spend more of my time managing customers and attending meetings than I did on deep design work. I now spend most of my day in blocks of deep work making high impact decisions. I only take meetings or calls that help make those decisions.

In previous roles I would usually only work on one or two products at one time, but as a Subsystem CTO I now make decisions over a portfolio of dozens of large-scale products. The variety of products is amazing. One day I might make decisions on a business intelligence application that uses machine learning to identify opportunities, and the next day could see me working on mobile phone operator billing engine that processes 10’s of millions of records per hour.

These are important technical decisions that make a real impact on the products for years to come. Each week I might make important decisions on 2-3 different large-scale products. And I get to make these decisions based on my determination of the best technological solution. 

Simple and robust solutions are highly valued and using the best of class managed solutions over complex custom code is preferred. This allows me to stay current on all the relevant offerings from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft - which continually improves my knowledge and skills.

If you want to make high-impact strategic product decisions while remaining highly technical, I encourage you to apply and learn more.

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