Santiago, Chile |  L3 Customer Support Agent, Trilogy

Xavier Villarroel

Wish you could travel and work from anywhere? This L3 Customer Support Agent once had to drive a taxi to make ends meet, until he found Trilogy. He went from struggling as an immigrant to earning 16X the regular wage in Chile - and now works remotely travelling the world.
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I interviewed Xavier on the Andes Mountain Range between Chile and Argentina. It was the most remote place he had ever worked.

How Did You Hear About Crossover?

"I’ve visited many other countries and have worked remotely from there."

I was born and raised in Venezuela, but had to leave because of the political and economic situation. I moved to Chile and got a job driving taxis for three days.

I worked for 12 hours and earned a $9 profit. It wasn't sustainable, but there were no other opportunities at the time. Even though I had a degree and many years of experience. I was desperate. 

Xavier and Andrew being the most remote workers in the most remote place.

Then somebody told me about a job that’s absolutely remote and pays well. I gave it a shot and here I am! I’m a specialist in charge of the quality of answers, and of the whole process. 

When you’re an immigrant you have to find a job. I'm just glad I found Crossover. 

My name is Xavier Villarroel, I’m an L3 Customer Support Agent at Trilogy.

How Hard Was it to Adjust to Remote Work?

For me it was really fast, because I liked what I was doing.

This is what I had always dreamed about. I spent fifteen years without touching a computer like that, but Trilogy gave me the opportunity to develop myself in that area.

I became a knowledge curator after that.

You Were Promoted?

That was a promotion, yes. I started as a Level 2 Customer Support Architect and got promoted to PKC, which is a Product Knowledge Curator.

Andrew Allen and Xavier having a picnic on top of the Andes.

I created knowledgebase articles for the company. Then I got another promotion and now I’m a Level 3 Customer Support Agent.

Two promotions in five years.

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How Financially Different is This Job to Others Available to You in Santiago?

It’s eight to one. That’s the rate.

I started earning eight times the average wage, but with my second promotion I now earn more than sixteen times the regular wage here.

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What’s The Biggest Mistake You’ve Ever Made?

I once made a mistake with the database. That was a big scare.

Xavier Villarroel L2 Customer Support Agent

I realized I’d done it literally two seconds after it happened. So, I talked with one of my managers on duty, who was on shift. And I told her what happened and that I was totally scared.

She told me what to do, and that it was all backed up. I thought I was going to be fired, but I admitted to the mistake and said that I’d fix it.

I was willing to take any administrative sanctions coming my way.

She thanked me for telling her about the mistake and was happy to continue. I made a full report of the incident and wrote some knowledgebase articles - and here I am.

What is The Best Thing About Working Remotely?

Andrew Allen and Xavier with an Andes Mountain sunset.

The best part of working remotely is the capacity to be anywhere and everywhere you want. In this job you can go to another country and work while travelling.

I’ve worked remotely from many different countries and will keep exploring.

It’s awesome.

I can work from anywhere because I was hired through Crossover.

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