Kathmandu, Nepal |  L1 Customer Support Agent, Trilogy

Sameer Ghimire

Sameer had to look for work after he closed his businesses due to COVID. In his search he found his role with Trilogy on Crossover. With his manager's feedback, he has become one of the top performers in Trilogy. Always looking to better himself, his hobby of teaching English actually helps him perform better in his role.
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Tell Us About Your Road To Trilogy

I started multiple businesses after I came back to Nepal. Then COVID happened. The rent, wages, it was just money out of pocket with nothing coming in. I had to close all of them down, even though I didn't want to.

So, I started scrolling for jobs on LinkedIn, google and everything. Then I came across Crossover where I found my role with Trilogy.

Sameer works as a customer support agent with Trilogy

So, What Are The Main Parts Of Your Job?

I have to understand the customer's complaints, understand the problem, find the solution, and deliver the solution to them.

As part of the job there are lots of things we have to take care of. For example, the customer might contact us vid ticket or via call. We need to receive the call, check the internal database for the issues they are talking about then try to find them the solution.

If not, we have to explore the possibilities on own.

How Many Products Are You Certified On Now?

You know, it is possible the customer I'm speaking to about a product has been an expert in it for 10 years. I have to learn new products, and once I learn the product I get certified on them.

Then I'm given the task to solve the real life problems on those products.

Now I'm certified on over nine products.

And Your Hobby Helps With Your Work

I'm very thankful to Crossover, as I get to grow both my hobby and my career. I teach English language classes.

People might find it strange if I say that it's my hobby to teach. But, when I'm teaching I also find my own mistakes. I have to correct myself of course, otherwise who am I to teach my students?

This also helps me improve my own English language skills. My reading skills, my writing skills, my speaking skills and listening skills. All of these English skills are important for the job I do. As part of L1, I have to listen to and understand many different accents and the technical terms they are using. One I can understand the customer, I can sense what the solution can be for their problem.

Sameer teaches English to help with his own English skills

Your Managers Have Also Supported You

I'm very thankful to my managers. My manager didn't just point on the negative stuff, he told me what I lacked. And he also talked to me about how I can improve those areas.

Eventually I became one of the top performers in the company.

The Pay Has Been A Lifesaver?

When I took the role with Trilogy, it just wasn't about the job. It was about the pay as well. The debt that I had, it would have me a lot of time to repay it.

This job helped me get back on my feet and pay back my loan. It has also helped me avoid the same situation again (going into debt).

You're right. It was my lifesaver.

Sameer has a better life now because of the pay from Crossover

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