Guide - Brownsville
$100,000 USD/year Pay is set based on global value, not the local market. Most roles = hourly rate x 40 hrs x 50 weeks ($50 USD/hour)

Brownsville, United States
full-time (40 hrs/week)
Flexible schedule
Long-term role

Guide - Brownsville $100,000USD/year ($50 USD/hour)


IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an in-person role located at our campus in Brownsville, Texas.

Prepare for liftoff! If you're a high-flying achiever thirsty for a challenge and determined to turn the traditional world of education on its head, then you are the missing star in our Alpha Schools universe. Brighten up the educational cosmos in our Brownsville, Texas campus, conveniently located in close orbit to SpaceX.

Alpha is a new kind of school. You won’t find stuffy lectures or rigid lesson plans here. Instead, we’ve built a place where students can learn at the right speed for them, rather than having to wait for their peers to catch up.

Instead of traditional learning tools, Alpha offers students adaptive apps and unique motivational strategies, all rooted in scientifically proven learning principles like mastery and spaced repetition. Our students learn twice as much as they would in a “regular” school — discovering their strengths, fostering their interests, and picking up valuable life skills along the way.

Instead of teachers, Alpha hires entertaining, energetic, and inspiring individuals like you who connect with students on a peer level. In this role, you are an explorer, igniting students' curiosity, guiding them toward ambitious academic goals, and shifting their perception of school from a chore to a thrilling pursuit of knowledge. 

Please apply if…

  1. You’re a gifted, relatable motivator who can connect with kids on a peer level
  2. You have experience as a camp counselor, athletic coach, or similar non-teaching role
  3. You’re a role model who holds yourself to the same high standards you expect from your students

Why choose Alpha?

  • Competitive pay - we believe you shouldn't take a pay cut to work in education
  • Generous benefits and time off - we value our team and offer a comprehensive benefits package and paid time off
  • Growth and learning culture - we model the growth & learning we expect our students to embrace, so you'll receive coaching, training, and opportunities for leadership
  • Relocation assistance available for highly-qualified candidates

If you believe in the transformative power of the K-12 experience, Alpha is your mission. Let's revolutionize education together because, at Alpha, we know that the sky is not the limit.

What you will be doing

  • Leading Workshops: You’ll design and present workshops to students ranging in age from K-8th grade. Along with offering material that sparks the desire to explore and learn more, you’ll coach students on valuable life skills like public speaking, focus, and giving and receiving feedback.
  • Holding daily Motivation Sessions: Because so much of personal success comes down to mindset, you’ll help students set a positive tone for their own daily learning as they advance.
  • Cultivating student success: Following our playbooks, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that 100% of students achieve their academic goals and master core life skills.

What you will NOT be doing

  • Traditional teaching: At Alpha, students learn solely from self-guided, adaptive learning apps. You’ll be there to help them connect the dots, apply their new skills, and problem-solve along the way — no lectures required.
  • Disciplining: The old-school learning model of pushing kids to the point of burnout or disengagement doesn’t apply here. Instead of punishments, you will share behavioral corrections and respectful reasoning that gets results.

Candidate requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in any subject
  • Experience performing at an elite level (Division 1 sports, Presidential Scholar, etc.)
  • High level of energy and a desire to boost others up 
  • A desire to connect, inspire, and motivate K-8th grade students
  • Legal right to work in the US without visa sponsorship
  • Willingness to relocate to Brownsville, TX
How it works

Applying for a role? Here’s what to expect.

We’ve curated a series of steps that take the guesswork (and cognitive bias) out of recruiting the best person.

Pass Cognitive Aptitude Test.

Pass Cognitive Aptitude Test.

Pass English Proficiency Test.

Pass English Proficiency Test.

Prove Real-World Job Skills.

Prove Real-World Job Skills.

Ace An Interview Or Two.

Ace An Interview Or Two.

Accept Job Offer.

Accept Job Offer.



Frequently asked questions

About Crossover

What you will learn

Your experience at Alpha will be unlike any other! You will become an expert on motivating kids, on cutting-edge learning software, on how to design a great workshop step-by-step, and on how to deliver workshops that kids can't wait to participate in. Along the way, you will build lifelong bonds with kids and their families.

Why Crossover

Recruitment sucks. So we’re fixing it.

The Olympics of work

The Olympics of work

It’s super hard to qualify—extreme quality standards ensure every single team member is at the top of their game.

Premium pay for premium talent

Premium pay for premium talent

Over 50% of new hires double or triple their previous pay. Why? Because that’s what the best person in the world is worth.

Shortlist by skills, not bias

Shortlist by skills, not bias

We don’t care where you went to school, what color your hair is, or whether we can pronounce your name. Just prove you’ve got the skills.