Telco Sales Executive - Tier 3

Job ID: 4357


Do you want to sell the telco industry's most visionary and innovative software? Are you a senior account exec or consulting partner who can get meetings with any Tier 3 / MVNO telco CxOs? Do you love closing big, high margin software deals?

This is a high paying, 100% guaranteed cash position for the world's best sales executives.

We have an exciting and visionary pitch. Your job is simple: you'll be paid a lot of money to get us meetings with the most difficult-to-access people in telco, and to close big, high margin deals.

What you will be doing

  • Get us meetings with the most difficult-to-access telco executives in the world
  • When it's time, negotiate and close large, high margin deals

What you will NOT be doing

  • This is not a job where any kind of revenue is good revenue, we are focused on high margin annual recurring revenue
  • We are not going to do every customization the customer requests in a consulting-heavy model
  • Our products are not lift-and-shift of cloud-hosted software, like everyone else is doing. We are cloud-native, and the product is differentiated and revolutionary
  • You will not need to run internal sales operations or need to recruit/ manage a sales team
  • This is not a sit behind a desk and delegate to others type role
  • You will not be expected to do the primary in-meeting pitch, or to do the demo

Key Responsibilities

  • Calling / Emailing CxOs and very senior leadership to schedule meetings
  • Attending meetings, and introducing the deal team
  • Tracking the action items from the meetings to know when to schedule follow-ups... and when it's time to start closing
  • Structuring deals using a pricing calculator
  • Negotiating and closing deals

Candidate Requirements

  • Able to get meetings with CxOs and very senior leadership at MVNOs and Tier 3 telcos
  • A history of closing large (USD +$500k-2mm annual recurring revenue) telco enterprise software deals.
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