Cairo, Egypt |  Senior Software Engineer, Trilogy

Alaa Nassef

Alaa Nassef has turned down high profile roles in Europe, preferring to be near his family in Egypt. Thankfully, Crossover enables him to work remotely as a Senior Software Engineer for Trilogy – a role in which he gets to learn new things every day.
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How has Crossover changed your life?

 I've been working as a Senior Software Engineer for Trilogy for nearly five years now. One of the benefits is that the payrate that they are giving is much higher than the market average, which gave me the opportunity to put my, my kids into better schools and to be able to purchase an apartment after I've been living in rentals for several years.

What does your job entail?

We've got a feature team who are writing code, we've got an engineering architecture team who are writing the technical spec, and I'm on the product side. I'm like part product owner. What I do is that I read every line of code that is coming into the product. What we are trying to do is rewrite products from the ground up – not building over it. And the idea is that we want the whole product to be written in maximum 5,000 lines of code.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

One of the things I do in my role is doing deep dives, especially for outages. So if there is an outage or there's a customer defect, I can do a deep dive to figure out what is the root cause of this issue so that we can create an automation to fix this so that it wouldn't happen again. What I can say about this company is that it's all about continuous improvement. Automating whatever can be automated and doing the maximum utilization possible. I've never seen a company work this way before.

How have you grown over the past five years?

What's challenging here is that I have to learn a lot of AWS technologies. Trilogy has paid for AWS certifications for me and have given me the time to study for those certifications.  The company really empowers me to learn more and get more experience. If you are great at what you do, this company is going to help you become better.

One of the things I love about this company is that everybody has to be technical, even the people at the managerial level. And working with a diverse set of people is always giving me experience and giving me things to learn.

Alaa Nassef Working

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