Secrets to our success

People, Playbooks & Productivity



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Screening talent with resumes and interviews is outdated. We develop comprehensive tests for every role to ensure our teams consist of only the best of the best. The key to any successful sports team is to have the best players from anywhere around the world—business teams are no different.



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All great sports teams have not only the best individuals, but they also have tried-and-true playbooks that everyone on the team executes. Business teams should be no different. So we study how the best companies operate their teams and integrate these playbooks into every team we assemble.



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All top athletes have great coaches and use comprehensive data and analytics to help tune their performance. We believe all top performers in business crave the same data and analytics to help them get even better.

As a result, we've developed a data-driven productivity app—a Fitbit for how you work. It effortlessly collects more than 30 data points and provides analytics that enable individuals and teams to use real data on how they work to bring their performance to another level.