Solutions Integration Architect, Aurea Software (Remote) - $100,000/year USD

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Are you detail-obsessed and enjoy getting your hands dirty doing the work? You will rock at this role! Here you will learn constantly from a consistent stream of challenging and different projects.

At Aurea, the Solutions and Services teams leverage multiple Aurea products to solve the complex business problems applicable to a number of customers. These solutions combine our products in new and unique ways, creating seamless software solutions that unlock tremendous business value for our customers. The solutions are not developed or deployed for one-off customers as developed in a typical consulting organization. Instead, it's similar to a software product being delivered to a large customer base. 

Unlike a traditional architect who works on a specific product and on a specific technology, successful candidates in this role will be working on building standard solutions using multiple products for a large customer base. This role does not require expertise in only one language. Instead, it requires the ability to pick up new technologies and ramp up on multiple product frameworks. 

What you will be doing
  • Work with the solution director translating the business use case into the solution storyboard
  • Architect and design the technical solution (preparing a technical spec and c4 architecture models)
  • Guide/mentor developers on implementation and deliver the GA releases to all customers.
What you will NOT be doing
  • You are not involved in Core Product Engineering, will not be working on a specific product and specific technology.
  • You will not build products from scratch. It is about leveraging existing frameworks and assembling/integrating multiple products to solve a business use-case.
Key Responsibilities
  • You will make business decisions while detailing a storyboard that captures the business value, use case, and user stories/personas delivered by a solution.
  • You will make architecture decisions that efficiently integrate multiple Aurea products using the Aurea Integration Hub to bring life to the storyboard.
  • You will make design decisions that strike a balance between reliable, secure, scalable architecture vs the urgency of the business need. Eg. how to build an MVP and evolve it into a fully scalable solution.
Candidate Requirements
  • Expert Java coder
  • Exposure to AWS architecture, Docker, Kubernetes
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