Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Virtasant (Remote) - $100,000/year USD

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Are you a seasoned site reliability engineer bored with your current job? Maintaining a single product for years, working with the same old tech stack, and tracking random bugs can take its toll - especially if all you have to show is 99.99% uptime on an unknown platform! How would you like to become a central part of the cloud revolution?

At Virtasant, we believe the public cloud is the future of computing and can help organizations unlock tremendous possibilities. Using a unique outcome-based business model, we optimize, manage, build, and migrate companies to the cloud - and site reliability engineers with virtualization skills are essential for making this happen.

In this role, you will move product components to the cloud infrastructure and constantly enhance the platform. Our tech stack evolves weekly with each new addition to our portfolio of over 100 products, so the opportunities for learning new technologies are unparalleled.

If you want to be part of a team of experts building the next generation of cloud solutions, apply today!

What you will be doing
  • Lift & Shift: Moving components for newly acquired products from non-standard to the standard premise on the cloud.
  • Upkeep: Monitoring and maintaining cloud services, dockerized containers, and databases.
What you will NOT be doing
  • Being reactive. You will actively maintain the infrastructure in good condition and not wait for incidents or tickets to react.
  • Band-aid solutions. Fixes must address the root cause and prevent the outage from happening again.
Key Responsibilities

Maintain a centralized, standard infrastructure that provides adequate availability, reduced operating costs, and simplified delivery of SaaS products.

Candidate Requirements
  • 4+ years of experience with Linux and AWS Services
  • Experience with infrastructure configuration management, deployment, and versioning tools
  • Experience configuring infrastructure for packing applications into containers and deploying them (Docker/Kubernetes)
Nice to have





$100k/year ($50/hour)



full-time Job

40 hours/week any timezone

Employment Type

Long-term role

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More about this role