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Virtasant is a leading provider of outcome-based solutions in the cloud. We leverage a combination of proprietary automation, proven methods, and deep cloud expertise to help companies of all sizes thrive in the cloud.

What Are We Doing?

We are helping companies control their digital signature by transforming their cloud into an optimized environment that helps our clients to grow and achieve goals with less effort. During this process, we completely reshare enterprise platforms, by following a proven customer engagement lifecycle.

Products and Services

We transform the digital signatures of enterprise companies. That is a complex process that involves discovering and understanding how some of the biggest companies in the world are currently working and using their tech, proposing a solution on how to optimize their experience, and executing the necessary architectural consolidations to achieve the best possible digital experience.


Our primary focus is big companies, like Fortune 500. There is no specific industry our customers are in, but all of them share the fact that they are among the biggest cloud spenders in the world having some of the most complex cloud-based systems in the world.  


We exist for 12 years, which makes us a cloud pioneer. During the course of those 12 years, we've built one of the largest remote teams, that is working with some of the biggest cloud deployments in the world.