Head Edutainer, gt.school (Remote) - $100,000/year USD

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You know that moment when the activity you’ve meticulously planned hits that sweet spot with teens? The one where their eyes light up, you can see them drop their desire to be “cool,” and lean wholeheartedly into having fun? We bet you thought there was no way you could have that experience every day at work. Here at gt.school, you can!

gt.school is an EdTech startup transforming the industry with a state-of-the-art educational platform and research-backed learning methods. Our educational apps provide all the academic content students need, but we want to connect them to their peers in ways that are more engaging than Minecraft or TikTok.

This is where you come in—creating fun learning activities that engage and motivate students. You will directly impact the lives of middle school students and be part of revolutionizing education.

If you are a creative entertainer who knows how to make fun activities for kids, join our team!

What you will be doing
  • Reviewing lists of activities and identifying the ones most likely to be successful with our students
  • Compiling successful activities in a detailed playbook, so anyone can implement them in an engaging manner
  • Continuously evaluating the effectiveness of activities and leaders and identifying areas for improvement
  • Providing coaching and training to a team of “Edutainers” (educators + entertainers)
What you will NOT be doing
  • Writing an educational curriculum
  • Teaching academic content
  • Leading activities yourself; you will focus on designing activities and coaching a team of leaders
Key Responsibilities
  • Engage and motivate students to use educational content by creating fun activities
  • Coaching a world-class team of instructors to implement these activities
Candidate Requirements
  • Be a compelling, authentic speaker
  • Experience designing engaging activities for kids, such as summer camp, afterschool programming, or sports (paid, volunteer, and intern experience accepted)
  • Able to relate to the interests and culture of US 5th-8th grader students
  • Experience as a team leader or coach
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