VP of Customer Support, Trilogy (Remote) - $200,000/year USD

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If you’re a hands-on technical support manager looking to create a bigger impact, then we think it’s about time to get yourself out of the middle management trap. You were a top performer as a support agent and have proven yourself an effective manager. Shouldn’t your organization start listening to your ideas?

Unlike most companies, Trilogy depends on highly effective managers like you to drive the changes that lead to better customer outcomes. 

Trilogy is on the lookout for customer support veterans who can rely on their deep technical experience and leadership skills to move our cutting-edge support organization forward. Trilogy built a fully remote support system based on customer obsession, a world-class knowledge base, and highly skilled agents capable of servicing over 10,000 customers on over 100 products. We count on our support managers to dive deep into the details and make the improvements that help the system achieve its full potential.

Our service is the #1 reason our customers continue to partner with us year after year, and our support leaders are responsible for making that service first-class. If you’re looking to take charge in a high-stakes environment, then we invite you to take the next big step in your career.

What you will be doing
  • Conducting Deep Dives. You will dive into specific areas of support that are not currently meeting our quality bar (e.g., a decline in NPS or an increase in reopened tickets).
  • Writing Improvement Proposals. You will make improvement recommendations based on your deep dive findings aimed at achieving 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Spend one day per week solving actual tickets from lower-level work queues to identify customer pain points and process inefficiencies and stay "close to the work".
What you will NOT be doing
  • Specializing in specific products. From L1 agents all the way to the top, our organization provides stellar service to every customer on every product.
  • Deferring to gut feeling and managerial instinct. We are a knowledge-driven organization, and our managers make decisions based on hard evidence.
Key Responsibilities

Making important decisions. Our customer support organization is an efficient machine capable of handling hundreds of products, thousands of support tickets per week, and tens of thousands of customers worldwide. Your job is to make sure the engine runs smoothly.

Candidate Requirements
  • At least 5 years of technical customer support experience. While this is not a customer-facing role, we expect our support leaders to understand what it takes to be a top-performing support professional.
  • Ability to understand code, scripts, and database queries. While you will not be writing code in this role, you will still need to pass a basic coding assessment to get hired.
  • Ability to write clearly and concisely in English.
  • Ability to work 100% remotely from your own home office.


$200k/year ($100/hour)



full-time Job

40 hours/week any timezone

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Long-term role

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More about this role