Charlottesville, United States |  VP of Customer Support, Trilogy

Ben Nelson

Every day as a VP of Customer Support, Ben Nelson gets to lead his team at Trilogy, solving real problems and seeing the benefits and impact of his decisions and actions.
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What do you like about working with Trilogy?

The way that we work is we very highly value people's output, that's what you actually accomplish.

The thing I like about being a VP in Trilogy is that when you get an idea, you have to provide enough evidence that it’s a good idea. For example, you need to show actual use cases and real examples of where there's a problem and say, “Hey, if we do this differently, this won't be a problem anymore.”

So you get your idea approved, and then it's rolled out 24 hours later. The whole team is running with your idea and you can immediately see the benefits.

Tell us about your team

The team I manage, we develop knowledge-based content and training content for the support organization. We hire people who are very smart, fast learners, and have experience with enterprise. But unfortunately no one has experience with all of our products, because they cover a very wide range of technologies.

Ben working with other managers at the Trilogy conference

How connected are you to actual work in your role?

We do really stay connected to the work. Twenty-five percent to half of our week is spent doing real work that our team, the team that we are overseeing, would be doing. It gives us deeper insights and keeps us close to the works. When we make decisions and we make changes, we know how that's going to affect the team and the work because we have to actually go and execute, and then work within those decisions we made.

How fast do you need to run mentally in your job?

I can put in as much effort and as much brain power as needed. I can use my entire brain every day, and I'm not hitting any type of skill ceiling, or any type of limit because all the ideas I come up with, they all get rolled out and they all get executed. I'm never sitting there, wondering what I should work on next.

It's great to not have any restrictions. I can just run as fast as I can, mentally speaking.

Ben talks about his team

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