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Moving software to the cloud has been revolutionary for businesses, especially around costs. But if you're a software architect with a strategic or financial bent, you know so many companies are merely scratching the surface. If that's you - we want to hear from you!

Trilogy seeks system-level thinkers to dive deep into software architecture and identify repeatable cost-saving opportunities with material business impact. You will be designing solutions that systematically cut millions of dollars of cloud costs for Fortune 500 companies.

Anybody can stuff their on-premises setup in some containers, push it to the cloud, and save money. And there are plenty of teams who can do some bill hacking, focusing solely on the billing and cloud watch metrics. But we want someone truly technical to go deeper and look for fundamental ways to re-architect software to use AWS in a meaningful way. Cost matters, but the quality of our products comes first. And as AWS rolls out new products, we want someone excited to learn these new products and put them to use to cut costs further.

This role will provide daily learning opportunities because of the footprint and scope of our cloud implementations. You will have a laboratory to experiment with your ideas. You will find opportunities to test and validate them within our vast portfolio. And you get to stay on the cutting edge, assessing, experimenting with, and deploying the latest and greatest AWS offerings.

If you want to impact our cloud economics and are ready to expand your professional development beyond code into strategic and financial decision-making, this is the role for you!

What you will be doing

Each week you will have a different cost optimization problem to work on and technical specs to create. You will be:

  • Identifying patterns in complex systems and finding ways to make them 10x simpler
  • Making important decisions that specify how to systematically optimize cloud resource consumption, simplify architecture, and improve the quality of the product simultaneously
  • Distilling those decisions into precise and well-documented written technical specifications that a team of engineers can implement
  • Learning and working on a wide variety of products with distinct tech stacks and business domains
What you will NOT be doing
  • Ignoring technical implementation and focusing solely on financial metrics
  • Managing vendors or negotiating contracts
  • Providing day-to-day direction to an engineering team
Key Responsibilities
  • Make clear, simple, technically superior design decisions that optimize cost
  • Deliver data-driven decisions that are rooted in technical depth
  • Produce detailed written specifications that put your insights into action
Candidate Requirements
  • 4+ years of experience making important architecture and design decisions on software projects, such as the application of architecture design patterns or significant open source technologies
  • Experience making important cloud cost decisions at a company with an annual cloud spend of at least USD 100,000
  • 2+ years of experience shipping production-quality code
  • 2+ years of experience as the decision-maker for the use of cloud-based services such as Amazon Web Services, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform
  • Great analytical skills and sound financial acumen
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