Nebraska, United States |  Dynamo DB Expert, Trilogy

Alex DeBrie

Alex now consults for Trilogy, where he coaches the world's top remote software engineers. He lives in Nebraska, USA.
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How did Trilogy come across you?

I hooked up with Trilogy as one of the team heard of my book and reached out. A lot the products Trilogy is developing will be using Dynamo DB.

I feel Trilogy is a great place to work as an engineer, as you can make a real impact on customer’s products. If you want to see new product features get shipped out, or bugs being fixes, and seeing customers delight in that. I think it’s flat enough and small enough that you can make an impact on all of these customers.

Alex talking about his experience with Trilogy

How have you found the talent at Trilogy?

One thing I like here is there’s a pretty good level of technical knowledge and abilities. It’s so great to work with people that go deeper on an issue and really understand it. You don’t have to spend the time talking about the basics every time, you can really get to the nut of the issue.

Trilogy has a high hiring bar, and the folks that I’ve worked with, you can tell there’s a level of quality and experience there, and they have worked on interesting, different and difficult systems in the past. Having that breadth of experience, but also the depth of experience to where it’s enjoyable to work on these problems.

Alex leading the trilogy software conference

What about culture?

I think with Trilogy, the focus and thinking is on those scaling up decisions up front, and making sure it’s going to work. Trilogy is doing a good job with this. I would say Trilogy has very much a written culture. By writing it, you’re clarifying your thinking, and thinking about trade offs out front helps you figure what you want to do and gives you more time, rather than having an emergency down the road.

At least thinking through those things and getting feedback, but at some point cutting it off and saying, “okay, this is where we’re going. Here’s the decisions we’re making.”

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