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Are you a world-class story-teller with an edgy, compelling writing style?  Can you completely redefine how a company tells stories — about its products, customers, and industry — using your seasoned writing and research chops?  

We want more than just your writing talent.  We want your unique voice, perspective, and ideas. Great storytellers have been devalued by the “clickbait” writing culture of hack publications, and we aim to right that wrong. If you want to create bold, yet sophisticated, well-informed, and industry-leading work you can be proud of, then read on.

We aren’t looking for entry-level or typical corporate writers: We’re looking for the outliers that could just as easily be writing award-winning editorial pieces for The New Yorker or The New York Times — but who know how to apply those skills to creating great content full of immersive stories and angles. Please apply if the following statements describe you::

  • You are completely repelled by most tech industry case studies, blog posts, and marketing content. You can't read past the opening paragraph. 
  • You aren't afraid to take on writing about technical topics you might not initially understand. 
  • You always wondered why companies sound so boring, and you see a huge opportunity to prove they don't have to be. 
  • You love challenges like finding the right intersection between being provocative, entertaining, and helpful in content. You're a master at solving them. 
  • You can write killer headlines in your sleep that make people click. Yes, you still have to make people click (this isn't free money).
  • You're highly independent, but still enjoy collaborating. (Read: You do well with feedback and rewrites.)
  • You're passionate about researching and chasing the best story, not just the easiest one.  
  • You have an incredibly sophisticated B.S. meter — you know the difference between intelligent humor vs. corny and edgy vs. gimmicky.
  • You can name your favorite journalists, publications, and storytellers and you actively follow them.
What you will be doing

You will write a wide variety of content, including (but not limited to): 

  • Blogs, Articles and Social posts
  • Longform Content: Case Studies, Ebooks

You will be able to demonstrate expertise creating a clear storyline that is structured, edgy, easy to consume, evokes feeling/response and follows SEO practices.

Finally: This is an opportunity that will grow with you. The types of content you could work on are limitless — starting with case studies and blogs, but eventually expanding to things like articles for major publications.  If you bring the right voice, we'll find incredible opportunities to showcase your work. 

What you will NOT be doing
  • Researching and writing a technical blogpost everyday. 
  • Designing a different copywriting strategy for each deliverable or product. We continually hone the same core strategies that we repeat on every product and deliverable.
  • Creating the visual designs to accompany the copy you write. We help you focus on your superpower: world-class writing.
Key Responsibilities
  • Creating highly compelling narratives. You're an expert at finding the best hook and smartest point of view for every story. You've mastered the art of interviewing, researching, and arriving at an angle the reader will love.
  • Bringing stories to life with world-class writing. Once you've nailed the narrative, you are an expert across the entire writing process, from outlining to editing. You write smart, catchy (not corny) headlines that make people click. You know how to follow style and voice guidelines masterfully to create engaging and consistent pieces that get readers excited about your stories and point of view.
Candidate Requirements
  • At least 2 years writing content for a B2B software company
  • At least 1 year working for a company that placed an emphasis on SEO content marketing


$200k/year ($100/hour)



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40 hours/week any timezone

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