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Are you a technical expert who has built amazing architecture for games, but now craves a role where you could use your skills for a more meaningful cause? Do you wonder why educational organizations still follow teaching methods from ancient history and miss out on the most advanced technologies? If you want to be one of the pioneers to change that, we believe we have something for you.

GT School is building an online community focusing on the most underserved customer base in US education - Gifted & Talented kids. GT School applies a winning combination of technology, coaching, and community to deliver motivation by the boatload. Education is one of the last industries still largely untouched by technology, and our goal is to pioneer the creation of the education metaverse and keep students engaged and invested.

This role is essential to the success of our revolution. You will build the education metaverse by architecting a portfolio of products. Your focus will be on making strategic technical decisions instead of worrying about business, legal, or cost-related details.

If you are ready to shape the future of education by tackling some of the most important problems that aren't even spotted yet, then this is the role for you.

What you will be doing
  • Creating new product specs: Conducting research on the requirements, analyzing existing data structures and product architecture, making important technical decisions that specify how to boost our products
  • Coaching: Reviewing content regarding data structures, APIs, and module breakdowns, and providing the authors with written, technical, and actionable feedback to improve the quality of their work
What you will NOT be doing
  • You will not be making any decisions based primarily on saving money. This role makes strategic technical design decisions.
  • You will not be participating in daily scrum meetings, making low-level decisions, or debugging. This role provides clear leadership for our engineering organization to execute on.
Key Responsibilities

Building simple, yet elegant architecture for our adaptive and mastery-based education applications through important technical decisions that will drive our product roadmaps for the next 3-5 years

Candidate Requirements
  • Experience as a senior decision-maker regarding technical design decisions at a dev organization with 50+ people
  • 7+ years experience making important architecture/software design decisions in the gaming industry
  • 2+ years of experience making design decisions involving cloud technologies (primarily AWS)
  • 2+ years of experience shipping production-quality code
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