Perth, Australia |  SVP Technical Product Management, Trilogy

Ben New

How do you juggle the thrill of innovative work with the joy of home life? This Australian Technical Product Manager pushes the limits of AI learning at work without compromising on precious family time. His SVP job at Trilogy gives him room for both.
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What Do You Love About Your Job?

“The challenge.”

It’s the same reason I love to ride.

It’s visceral, leaning into the corners like you’re in control of the bike. You’re living the ride, rather than just sitting there and getting from A to B.

A big part of my job is figuring out how we can use generative AI to increase our number of users. Trilogy has a big push to adopt genAI at the moment.

We’re definitely forward-thinking in applying AI.

Ben New being interviewed.

The company is spending 20% of people’s time purely on improving our understanding of AI and applying it in our work.

The benefit is that over the long-term, once you’ve learned those things you can use AI effectively. You’re going to get a multiplication effect from using AI in the future.

At some point – you flip the script on it and AI makes you 10X as productive.

It’s not an easy job, but it’s a good challenge.

I started riding because of the challenge, it’s almost mathematical – a scientific experience. The challenge you feel at the end of the day is everything, like you’ve actually done something worthwhile.

I love what I do.

My name’s Ben New and I’m the SVP of Technical Product Management at Trilogy.

What Do You Do at Trilogy?

I’m the Technical Product Owner of Jive, which is an internet software similar to Sharepoint. My job is to come up with ideas for how to improve products.

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Ben New in his home office with his dog.

What is The Pay Like When Compared to Local Companies?

I tripled my income through Crossover.

To find a similar competitive salary I’m looking at a top line company CTO role, a bank or a utility company. We wouldn’t have been able to move to our current house without this job, where I get to work from home.

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What are the Main Benefits of Being Hired Through Crossover?

I can go to lunch with my wife, or we can go for a ride anytime -  and I can participate in school activities.

Ben and his wife on a bike ride.

Last year, there was a build-a-go-cart activity at the school, and you have to spend a couple of days down there building with them. You only get one shot at raising your kids, now I’m not missing that opportunity.

I make multi-million dollar decisions from home, and I still have time to be with my family because I got hired with Crossover.  

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